LeoGlossary: Developer

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An individual that builds and creates software applications. The primary role is to write and debug code.

Some other names that people use:

  • software developer
  • computer programmer
  • programmer
  • software coder
  • software engineer

Developers are typically trained in at least one programming language.

Examples of programming languages:

  • Java
  • Python
  • C++
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • Ruby

Programming languages are involved in all facets of the Internet and computing. Developers are involved with websites, servers, databases, and building algorithms.

Corporations build extensive Information Technology divisions to assimilate data, run services, and operate both the front and back end operations.

Threat In The Future

Artificial intelligence is a mixed bag for developers. It is increasing the need for more of them. At the same time, there is speculation that jobs are going to be replaced by this field also.

The idea of "learning to code" is being questioned.

While coding in the general sense might be taken over by advancements in software, the field is likely safe consider the need for security. Cybersecurity is likely going to be one of the fastest growing sectors. This will probably incorporate AI as a defense against hackers, who are also going to be using (they already are) AI.

FinTech is also likely to keep developers busy. There was a time when Wall Street firms employed floors of traders. This is no longer the case as they were replaced by applications.

Major financial institutions such as investment banks started to load up on developers a couple decades ago. This is only increasing as communication systems get more advanced and global networks are required. .

Web 3.0

In the cryptocurrency realm, the developers are the ones creating the infrastructure tied to blockchains. All new technologies go through the process where the early days are dominated by those with the greatest technological expertise.

They also tend to be the ones who run the nodes for the networks.

Web 3.0 is considered to be the "next generation Internet", moving us beyond the Web 2.0 centralized server based system. This is going to expand the impact of the digital world on society. The concept of the tokenization of everything has people dreaming of a day when real world assets are tokens. This could provide greater liquidity, security, and wealth by incorporating these assets into blockchain.

Developers are going to play a huge role in this. Like anything with technology, the development requires a lot of expertise. The online world is global so we are seeing projects starting all over the world.


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