LeoGlossary: Infrastructure (Computer)

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The hardware and software components that make up a computer network.

Types of Computer Infrastructure:

Many include this under the heading Information Technology.

All that is being installed and developed around blockchain is infrastructure for Web 3.0.

Infrastructure is important since businesses build on top of it. Business systems are software driven, mostly tied to networks. This means that the base level hardware is the foundation for the digital world.

The expansion of the Internet is tied largely to the advancement in infrastructure. Storage, processing, and communications systems all improved over the last few decades. This allowed for the connecting of many more nodes, especially with the introduction of the smartphone.

Data creation exploded over the last decade. This required more advanced infrastructure to house and store it. At the same time, the requirement on databases grew including the ability to sort along with making information readily available.

It is likely that artificial intelligence will only place greater strain on networks and the infrastructure the world is using.

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