LeoGlossary: How To Create A Hive Account

Instructions on How To Create A Hive Account.

Go to Leofinance.io. Head to the upper right hand corner and click "get started".


A pop up window will appear that looks like this:


Select "Create Hive Account".

Log in is available using Facebook and Twitter. This will not give one the ability to receive rewards until the Hive account keys are downloaded.

Another window will pop up, detailed the new account creation process.


Select "Continue".


Enter the username that you desire along with selecting the verification method.

Once that is completed, hit "download keys".

If you are new to cryptocurrency, be sure to read this:

Cryptocurrency wallets use a public and private key system. For this reason, it is vital that you take extreme care of your keys. Blockchains are decentralized in the sense there is no centralized account management like password systems on most websites. Losing the keys means being locked out of the account and you will be unable to access your wallet.

On Hive, there are 4 keys:

  • Posting - allows you write to the blockchain (posting a blog post, leaving a comment, or upvoting content).

  • Active - this is what allows for anything to do with the transfer of funds pertaining to your wallet.

  • Master - this is the king of all keys and should never be given to any individual or application. Again, never give this out.

  • Memo - this is what allows for the sending and opening of encrypted memos.

Download your keys and secure them in a safe place. It is a good idea to have a paper copy of them stored somewhere safe. To once again stress a crucial point, without your keys, you are locked out of the account.


A great extension for engagement with Hive based applications is Hive Keychain. This is available on both Chrome and Brave.

For details of how to add it and set it up, here is an article that goes through it step-by-step.

How To Download and Install Hive Keychain


You are now ready to begin your journey on the Hive blockchain. Leofinance is a front end/application that interacts with Hive. All data is posted to the public blockchain meaning it can be read through the block explorer.

There is a single account management system for all applications and games on Hive. For this reason, your keys will allow access to them all. There is no need to sign up for each application or game.

To assist with some of the terminology, we have a glossary dedicated to the different aspect of Leofinance.

Welcome to Web 3.0.


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