LeoGlossary: DEC-Batteries (DEC-B)

SplinterGlossary: DEC-Batteries (DEC-B)

DEC-B is a soulbound token that can only be spent on specific in-game features where DEC would normally be used too, but with limited use cases. Also, DEC-B can only be used on features where DEC is burned. That excludes the possibility to buy packs from Splinterlands, for example, with DEC-B.

DEC-B was introduced as a way to burn DEC or VOUCHER tokens and get locked DEC-Batteries in return to use on future purchases.

2 billion DEC-B was put out for sale initially (February 8th, 2023). One would receive 1 DEC-B for burning 0.8 DEC or 0.005 VOUCHER, according to the DAO proposal that was passed by the SPS stakeholders (link here). The tokens will be on sale until they are sold out or 60 days pass, whichever comes first.

The proposal initially made DEC-B tradable, but after an informal vote on it, the decision was made to propose DEC-B as soulbound.

When the sale went live, there were no use cases for DEC-B. So everyone who bought at the beginning of the sale made it with a leap of faith into the Splinterlands team that they will introduce the use cases mentioned, at least.


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