Smartphones and blockchains

As you might have heard, Samsung recently announced their Blockchain SDK. It is great to see major players in mobile hardware market taking initiatives like and doing innovation where possible.

Our team has been checking out their SDK and we think there is great potential that we can leverage. Ultimate financial freedom comes with right tools and services. Our team has had time to reflect our achievements this year, as 2019 coming to an end. And quite excited to direction we are going. More on that I will write in separate post.


In essence, what Samsung is doing creating keystore and base for Ethereum dapps just like what Opera did with their crypto initiatives few month ago.

We already have similar functionality with SteemWallet and eSteem. But we need to work more on user friendliness and gamification of all parts.

This year was all about gamification for eSteem, we have done quite some improvements, more is on the way with 2.2.3 release. We are balancing out equation of triple variable, onboarding, retention and utility. Each of this section we will talk in separate posts.

What do you think about future of mobile and blockchain?

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