eSteem beneficiary decrease

Good day eSteemians,

Today we would like to share some updates about what's coming in new update.
After careful consideration, we think our users and community deserve better rewards. So we are decreasing beneficiary reward from 10% to 3% and possibly removing it all together in near future.


With introduction of ESTM token, we had plans to move towards being more self-sustainable. Step by step by creating more utility of token, we could achieve that goal and we hope you support us. We are closely watching how token is evolving and how our users are enjoying earning and using ESTM daily. More than 1000 posts had been boosted and promoted in just 1 month. It is quite amazing to see and it is beyond our expectation for first month.

As we are working on more gamification features, I am happy to share one of many new features with you. We call it Spin and Win!


We are also working on editor screen to improve experience greatly. Easy onboarding is another feature we are working on, where anyone can easily sign up and start using eSteem and earning ESTM and STEEM.
Stay tuned for more updates on these!

We want to thank everyone who is reporting bugs, appreciate your help greatly. Please, do continue reporting bugs and issues you experience! It will help us greatly to test and fix bugs that are device specific and rare to catch!

Together, we build the future! ā™„ļø

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