volunteers work in progress..

To get more outside of the house and among people again after +/- 14 years, I've decided to do some volunteers work for a local project here in Nijmegen , Holland.

The Foundation is called : "van hier naar daar" translates in From here to there.

My part is helping and supporting in setting up a Store under the name "Pronk ICT " where the students can learn:

  • how to communicate with clients
  • how to repair a computer
  • how to setup a network and maintain it
  • how to program apps and websites
  • how to prepare recycled hardware [ wiping data accordingly and not just "format" ]

These are all motivated kids but having issues with finding a place to do an internship, and this way they get a chance to learn while practicing.

So right now we are in the middle of getting the store ready and we are planning on opening the store at the end of juli .

The store is located in a shopping mall, it's the one with yellow stickers on the 2 windows.

The walls are already painted white for now.

The Entrance to the store

looking outside through the entrance

Not sure yet how to handle the ceiling but we might go for painted concrete mesh and make islands on the ceiling for lights and decoration .

This will be one of the TD rooms to do Customer repairs

And this will be the 2nd TD room

And finally one narrow space to the back entrance where we will need to come up with some creative solutions for storage :)

thank you for reading and watching , all images created by me with my Sony A7II + Sigma 12-24mmDG Lens

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