See how Hive is changing my life, and my long term plan (2021.10.26)

This post will be probably long, and I do not even know, where to start this post. I am incredibly grateful, happy and motivated right now.

Well, let me start by stating a fact that I will financially get through this winter, and all thanks to you. I am incredibly grateful, especially to @felixxx for sending me $300 HBD, and I did not even asked for it. He sent it to me with his heart and soul, because he (and probably others, who read my comments under various posts) know that I am in a bad situation. He feels good that he can help. And he donated to other people too. I would like to let you know that I feel even more good about this. I am incredibly grateful and happy about this.

And I also received direct support from others, for example from @dswigle, @abh12345. Not to mention the dozens of good upvotes and comments on my posts lately. Special thanks to @eddiesun, @aftabkhan10, @cwow2, @captainquack22, @mejustandrew,, @zuerich, @wil.metcalfe. You are all providing great support for me, both in terms of upvotes and in comments. Thank you so much. This means a lot to me.

All of this literally means financially getting through the winter for me.

I wrote that I will write I post, when I use domething from that $300 HBD to buy something. Well, I still have not bought anything from that. I have not spent a single cent. I sold all of it for fiat, but that is all so far. I am trying to save as much as I can for the winter.

Why does this mean so much for me?

Most of you probably already know this, because I already wrote this many times in various comments, but I also write it down in this post just in case. I live with multiple disabilities in Hungary under the minimum wage. My pension-like income is approximately only $250 USD per month. Nowadays I also work in a four hours per day part time job, but my total income is still only approximately only $470 USD per month, while the local minimum wage is approximately $550 USD per month. Sometimes I had to decide between paying rent/bills and buying food. But I will not have to do this this winter. So this is why I wrote that I will financially get through the winter this year, and I mean it literally.

And I have a plan for permanently getting out from the financial discrimination. Yes. You read that right. I see a possible solution for the problem.

The problem: High rent, high bills.
The (currently planned) solution: My current plan is to earn and save enough money in long term to be able to buy a sailboat, and live on that.

Yes. I would like to live on a sailboat.

With a sailboat, there would be no rent, no bills. And I could live even on my low pension-like income (approximately $250 USD per month) alone. That would mean not just/only getting out of the financial discrimination, but also jumping straight into the financial freedom at the same time.

A sailboat? How? How much?

I talked to a Hungarian guy, who was lucky enough to get a sailboat as a gift in Denmark.

He told me in an e-mail that there is an Instagram page called howtobuyasailboat, where I could find sailboats from €500 EUR.

Well, I have not found that Instagram page, but I found something else. Something similar. A Facebook page called "Sailboats from 1000 EUR".


A sailboat for €1000 EUR?

1000, 2000 or 3000, I will build this up with Hive. Block by block. I am very confident that I can achieve this with Hive in long term.

For a starting motivation, just take a look at these screenshots:


This is falling faster than a/the (insert something here).

One or two weeks ago, my SPS collection was worth around $200 USD, but now it is nearly halved. But I am still not worrying about this. I think that this is just/only a short term price fluctuation. I am planning for long term.

Another screenshot:


$124.96 USD + $865.08 USD is $990.04 USD, which is currently €852.90 EUR. And this is just/only my main Splinterlands assets.

For example I am also collecting SPT and other tokens in my Hive Engine wallet.


I am certain/confident that with the help of the Hive blockchain I can reach enough funds for a sailboat (and get out of the financial discrimination, and get into financial freedom) over the next years.

I truly believe in this.

Thank you everyone so much again everyone for the great support.
I really cannot thank you enough for this.
If I take a wider look on this platform and the generous people in it, then Hive is literally change my life. Saving me from the financial discrimination, and leading me into financial freedom.

Thank you everyone once again.

I wish all the best to everyone. Greetings from Hungary.

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