2023, September

Owen Shroyer Cops Friday the first day of September of 2023. Oatmeal Services Announced, Mary Archived Saturday. They'll Murder Biden Then Trump Then Stage False Flags Sunday. Joe Biggs Monday. Nano Particles Brain Bleeds Coming Tuesday. LOCKDOWNS BACK OCTOBER of 2023 Wednesday. Dr. Stella on Alex Jones Thursday. Trump Noem 2024, South Dakota Friday. FNT UK Saturday.

Anti-Chip Sunday the 10th. Ashton Blocked Me Monday. Twitter Locked For Riding Amouranth Curves Wednesday. New York Governor Witch Vaccines Threat Thursday. Discord Server Poll Friday. Elon Musk Twitter X Censors People Saturday.

Matrix vs Russell Brand Sunday the 18th. Government Spray Murdered, Geoengineering Monday. DOJ Under-Charged Ray Eps Tuesday. System Not Broken But By Design Wednesday. Poland No To Ukraine Scam Thursday. RoboCop NYC Friday. TikTok Bans Ninja Videos Saturday.

Tom Brady Grapes Sunday the 24th. TikTok Duets, Owen Benjamin Family Dream Monday. Michelle Obama & Gavin Newsom 2024 Tuesday. GOP Debate Wednesday. AI VR Podcasting Thursday. UN Illegals Military Draft vs 2A Friday. AI VR Babel Saturday.

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Lex Fridman interviewed Mark Zuckerberg in VR.

Oatmeal Monthly - 2023-09 - September of 2023 | Published in September of 2023


Owen Shroyer Cops

2023-09-01 - Friday

Screenshot at 2023-09-02 00-00-52 Facebook Sexual.png

Facebook Add Me Sexual Violation

In Hawaii, why did cars and houses catch on fire, see how the trees are still green? Similar to California with random cars bursting on fire. Why did blue UMBRELLAS survive the fires in Hawaii, this is crazier than 9/11 conspiracy theories. Hawaii fires didn't harm BLUE objects and blue has a frequency of 6.66.

Evil cops pull over Owen Shroyer of Infowars Alex Jones just to harass him as he come to and from work every day, but unlike them, we don't back down, Alex needs a million dollars, Trump needs a billion dollars.

Facebook told me that add me is too sexual, that it goes against community standards. Yet, it gave me 2 options, to delete or to post. But if it's against the rules to write add me, then why let me post anyway?

Oatmeal Services Announced, Mary Archived

2023-09-02 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2023-09-02 17-17-25 Mary Archived.png

Chrissie Maryr interviewed Mary Archived who was on Whatever, it was powerful.

Sargon of Barbie. Write in Trump, even if there is no write-in option which they'll try to remove that option so we can't write-in anybody. Also, they're trying to murder Biden and then Trump. We should all pray every day they're all protected. They're pushing for war with Russia, masks, etc.

Mind Valley claim to be able to teach people to have ESP, that Star Wars Force ability to perceive what people will say before they say it. Melonie Mac. The art on the shirt , the eyes of an owl, the nose of a cute pig from Babe, the ears of a Furby. It almost looks like a mutated mustache of Hitler. It's almost like the creature is driving a ship or is in a baby crib, an invention of Tim Burton.

They'll Murder Biden Then Trump Then Stage False Flags

2023-09-03 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2023-09-03 17-43-57 MTG.png

MTG on Alex Jones

They will try to kill Biden then Trump. After that, they'll release truck bombs and blame it on conservatives as an excuse to restart lockdowns, as in martial law. Alexa said there will be no 2024 U.S. Elections.

Hitler would be on Twitter. Somehow, Alex Jones is worse than Hitler? Shilling, verb for paid to promote. We all got to be on the hunt for best doctors and to promote them. Schools often don't teach doctors to look at the whole of the body in context. Instead, doctors end up taking things out of context. They're often too focused on alleged isolation.

You will have to wear masks by the middle of September of 2023. Airlines to require it by October. Alex Jones told you so weeks ago back in August. Trump said we will not comply. But they're trying to murder Trump and start World War III with Russia. Power blackouts coming.

Joe Biggs

2023-09-04 - Monday

Alex Jones Space F5KMqxSbwAAtow4.jpeg

Alex Jones Space

Rapists get 2 years in jail, Joe Biggs gets 17 years for nothing. Jan6 is a scam created by globalists to go after freedom lovers. Joe was on with Alex Jones. Joe almost got 40+ years. Trump to get 700 years.

The future will have more tech ADDICTION in the same way humans become addicted to drugs, alcohol, smoking, drinking, sex, power, etc. People will live in pods in the same way people are addicted to meth. We need Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) but for tech related issues. Pedo PETA Pope sucks. Oddly, people are getting meat allergies after getting killer Covid Vaccines. They want us to eat the bugs, live in the pod, agenda 2030, and be happy. But not really happy.

I'd rather be called a weirdo by those tearing me down than deceptive by those who want me around.

Nano Particles Brain Bleeds Coming

2023-09-05 - Tuesday

Jack Posobiec on Alex Jones

Find me @ joeyarnoldvn on social media and join my fan club on Discord:


Nano particles can get into the brain to cause strokes, brain bleeds, the particles to come through the blood, the nose, the eyes. This mad scientist said all this at the conference, they are ready to go after we the people with these crazy weapons. Alex Jones reporting.

Trump is Burning Man. The LEFT hates TRUMP but loves the killer COVID VACCINES. But we got the jab thanks to TRUMP. Trump put a piece of himself inside of you. Is that kind of SEXUAL? But wasn't it a rich guy by the name of Henry Ford who transitioned the world in 1926 from a 100-hours 7-day workweek to a 40-hours 5-day workweek?

Johnny Depp is not even dead yet. We should boycott it and shame Pirates of the Caribbean. I would rather see ten more movies with Johnny as Jack Sparrow. Make it rated R and put Vin Diesel and cars in it. Call it The Fast & The Drunks Gone Wild. We Musk make America Great Again. MAGA women are always hotter than Kathy Griffin who looks like Spongebob got cancer and is trying to win in a beauty contest with Madonna with her duck lips.

Where is my ankle bracelet? Many people who weren't even in DC on Jan6 were arrested. Many people were imprisoned even tho they did nothing. I uploaded videos & published articles in 2020 some weeks before Jan6 talking about it. Lock me up.


2023-09-06 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2023-09-06 18-26-44 WHO.png

WHO taking over the world said the lady.

LOCKDOWNS BACK OCTOBER of 2023. World Health Summit, they are caught on video saying Covid Lockdown Masks & Vaccines was all a SCAM, it's not coming back, it never went away, Alex Jones reporting, say nothing and see you in October of 2023 as this rolls out big time. Hate Speech to become more banned online is the plan of the World Economic Forum (WEF), watch out for power blackouts, Alex Jones reporting. Globalists hide under the WINGS of CORPORATIONS which are unofficial COUNTRIES with a rising formation of their own form of MILITARY, many NATIONS make deals with these international ORGANIZATIONS like NATO, UN, WHO, the Vatican, Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, etc.

Around 100 BILLIONAIRES are taking over HAWAII, this is the BRADY BUNCH REBOOT MOVIE where they tried to get them to move out, Alex Jones reporting, the BILLIONAIRES think they can kick everybody else out of HAWAII so they can have it to themselves. You'll only be allowed to go to approved websites and say approved talking points on approved social media networks, this is the plan according to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and United Nations (UN), Alex Jones reporting, Andrew Tate talked about this too, Welcome to X Twitter.

To become a Catholic priest in China, you have to be approved by the CCP, the Pope made a deal with the government. Jack Posobiec reporting on Roseanne Barr. You know, the Roman Empire was like this as well.

They can put any American on the domestic Terrorist Watch List without explanation, we're talking about the FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland. This is a video report I'm watching on Alex Jones. I would not be surprised to find out I'm on the list for Jan6.

Dr. Stella on Alex Jones

2023-09-07 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2023-09-07 13-16-11 Alex Jones.png

Dr. Stella on Alex Jones

People on my Discord are trying to kill me. Please go there and talk to them.


Covid is not all they got. Globalists have more tricks. Watch Alex Jones for more info. Google is delisting or deranking all search results minus a few approved sites. Many small businesses will suffer due to this leading towards potential famine. People may starve to death. Many people relied on Google.

If you want your article or anything to be searchable, it has to be run through a Google program and approved before it will show up in search results meaning Google will not allow anything they dislike in the search results. Google is used by most people online. When an alternative search engine to Google goes viral, then Google or others buy them up, we are being captured, Alex Jones reporting, Trump or Death, Elon Musk should launch his own search engine to compete with Google, Facebook, TikTok.

Globalists aren't going to stop at reducing the global population from 8 billion people to 500 million. If there were 2 immortal Rothschild creatures left on the planet, they would then try to kill each other even if they were the last two humans on earth. Alex Jones reporting.

Trump Noem 2024, South Dakota

2023-09-08 - Friday

Screenshot at 2023-09-09 00-48-00 Trump Dance.png

Trump in South Dakota, Democrats are imprisoning innocent Americans.

Trump Noem 2024. The Quartering is talking to Amouranth. UNCONSTITUTIONAL What happened with the HAWAII FIRES. For a long time people like Oprah, The Rock, Mark Zuckerberg, Obama, wanted to buy up land. The locals in Hawaii did not want to sell. And then we got the fires like California. Steve Slepcevic & Sam Eaton on Alex Jones.

If you have a billion dollars, a lot of people will try to steal it, watch out for the IRS and everybody else. Try to invest in land, Bitcoin, gold, resources, stocks, etc. Find people you can trust for advice. Patriots must stick together. Hire lawyers. Make money.

The episode of The Chosen where Jesus is interacting with children got me hooked, also how Jesus interacted with Mary who was demon possessed, and also the interactions especially with Peter. A show is able to take it's time to go deep into the dynamics unlike the Jesus movies.


2023-09-09 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2023-09-09 13-02-11 FNT.png

FNT crew in England or something?

If people said my oatmeal was lumpy, I would be calling them lumpy, I would say exactly what Mike Lindell of My Pillow is saying, that is why he is the man, George Bush don't care about black people (Kanye West), made frogs gay (Alex Jones), China is asshole (random person).

First, no violence. Second, educate while entertaining. Third, get people to vote. Fourth, boycott Budlight. Encourage people to get involved. Expose the Hawaii Fires. Expose other things. The list goes on and on. But be smart about it. Because globalists want us to fight.

I don't mind it if the sequel or reboot is good. The problem is it's generally a lot worse. Disney sucks. People are losing faith in remakes and come back tours. Matrix 4 was interesting.


2023-09-10 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2023-09-10 01-02-59.png

Criminal Minds

I'm Anti-Chip because chips don't have off switches, they're always on, they're always hackable via remote access. Chips can interfere with DNA, body frequencies, blood, cells, and thoughts. People had issue with the execution of the plot of the Star Wars prequel trilogy. But with the sequel trilogy, the issue is not with the execution but with the plot itself.

Melonie Mac. And they probably said to Lot, "Remember to use our prefer pronouns or else." God was like Hell no. They were all probably playing Starfield while drinking Budlight at an ancient Disneyland park where they would do all their child sacrifices at.

The Internet is a dangerous jungle. I started text messaging on AOL and Yahoo back around 1997. I was not aware at that time how dark the Internet was or would become.

Ashton Blocked Me

2023-09-11 - Monday

Screenshot at 2023-09-11 14-38-21 Ashton Twitter Block.png

Ashton blocked me on Twitter X

Jan6 prisoners on Alex Jones. Jan6 was a scam like 9/11 World Trade Center was taken down, the planes were distractions, globalists are pushing us towards WWIII, the only way out is we all have to expose the conspiracy monsters who are taking over the world through the WEF, etc. Ashton @theashtonblaise blocked me too just like @ginacarano and @Tree_of_Logic did. I was going to tell Ashton to keep up the good work.

Historic moment said Trump in South Dakota, our nation will either go one way or another. Together, we'll win and then seek justice together. This is like the second coming of Christ. First time Jesus came, he died. Second time, on a horse with red blood eyes.

2023-09-12 - Tuesday

Which of my content have you seen?

Infowars Alex Jones' Owen Shroyer sentenced 2 months. No more free speech in America. America is dead. Insurrectionists stormed into the U.S. Capitol to occupy the office of Kevin McCarthy, mirroring Jan6. But Owen Shroyer is being put in PRISON simply for saying Trump won in 2020. He did win. Arrest me too. I talked about Jan6 too before and after. Put me in jail too. I'm guilty. Naughty Infowars Alex Jones' Owen Shroyer is scheduled to be on Tim Pool in about an hour. Timcast at 8 PM ET on YouTube and Rumble. This case should be taken up to the Supreme Court.

Naughty Greg Gutfeld did an Infowars Alex Jones impression, Greg did a rant on how globalists are taking away our first and second amendments, Greg mentioned the art of staging events, on how Dems try to disarm Americans to take away their guns. NO EVIDENCE?

They're trying to put Owen Shroyer in prison simply for this web page meaning if he spends personal donations, they're trying to say he can't. In other words, they're trying to lock him up for wire fraud which it isn't. But they lie about everything. That is why Owen is shutting this Give Send Go page down.

I think @ChrissieMayr should interview female Alaska Phoenix @conspiracyfans. Trump will win in 2024, they're locking up Owen Shroyer for 2 months for what Owen said, worse part they say is when Owen said Trump will win next year which he will and we all know that, Infowars Alex Jones reporting. Biden lost 2020 and we all know that too.

PERSON ONE was banned and his friend Owen Shroyer who was also banned off Elon Musk Twitter X but this is worse than CENSORSHIP because it's also digital identity theft as others pretend to be Owen in DMs which is illegal defamation. Ready Player One is Alex Jones. 1984.

Twitter Locked For Riding Amouranth Curves

2023-09-13 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2023-09-14 00-12-23 Amouranth.png

Screenshot at 2023-09-13 22-59-17 Twitter.png

Amouranth got my account locked I assume

Twitter Locked For Riding Amouranth Curves. Kanye West is right, there are more slaves on earth than ever before in world history, many of are children being raped so people can upload the videos to Pornhub and make a profit at the cost of destroying the lives of kids which is probably the worse sin ever. Aliens. Britney.

Which of my content have you seen? Owen Shroyer is going to prison, I wrote this in my blog post back in 2021. Owen is a host of The War Room is Raw on The Alex Jones Infowars. Zach Rehl sentenced to 15 years in prison over the Jan6 scam. Biden is a hitman. 9/11 is a scam. I'm guilty of the same crimes Zach committed meaning we both didn't do anything wrong. If they can get Owen Shroyer of Infowars Alex Jones, then they can get you.

Proud Boy Ethan Nordean sentenced to 18 years for Jan6 even as he did nothing wrong, we should be punishing naughty Antifa and others who were also there, good riddance. In court, whenever they were showing videos with feds or others in the crowds at Jan6, they would mute those videos so you could not hear what the feds and others were saying, the courts are interfering in their own trials and the judges are involved in these illegal activities.

New York Governor Witch Vaccines Threat

2023-09-14 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2023-09-14 12-37-49 New York.png

New York Governor Witch said you have to get new Covid Vaccines or else.

Rothschild family don't have any power, they just own the majority of BlackRock which owns over 80% of everything, Alex Jones reporting. Elon Musk Twitter X locked my account for 10 hours for this "VIOLENT SPEECH" tweet I sent: "@Amouranth i want to ride your curves." I clicked removed because @X @XCreators @XSpaces @Support didn't respond to my previous appeals where I waited months when other tweets got removed.

China had satellites flying over Hawaii at the time of the Maui wildfires, it only takes minutes for laser beams to start fires from orbit. A China satellite was passing by as the first Hawaii Maui wildfire started. A 2nd satellite, the same thing as a second location began to inflame.

YOU HAVE TO WEAR MASKS. PREVIOUS COVID VACCINES WON'T WORK. Said the unelected governor witch of New York. Bill Gates said you don't have a choice. Infowars Alex Jones and others said this was coming back in August of 2023. MASKS & BOOSTERS ARE BACK. WE TOLD YOU SO. Bill Gates said we will not return to normal until most people on the planet get Covid Vaccines.

The problem with Star Wars Ahsoka is it never explains anything, the poorly executed action is so isolated because I don't know what Ahsoka was doing during Return of the Jedi and why isn't Vader taking Luke Skywalker to the World Between Worlds? Why isn't Luke helping Ahsoka?

Discord Server Poll

2023-09-15 - Friday

Screenshot at 2023-09-15 18-29-41 Discord Server Poll.png

I'll abide by the results of my Discord server poll, first to 300 wins.

I was banned off Twitter for 10 hours for the following violent speech tweet: @Amouranth i want to ride your curves. IT IS A THREAT TO AMERICA. Splitting the votes between Trump and Ron DeSantis makes it easier for the Democrats to steal the election again in 2024 like they did in 2020. DEMS WIN BECAUSE THEY ARE UNITED (MINUS RFK). AMERICANS LOSE AS WE ARE DIVIDED BETWEEN TRUMP, RON, VIVEK.

Candace Owens on PBD. Angelina Jolie is Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. What was the point of Vader interacting with Ahsoka Tano after Star Wars: Return of the Jedi? George Lucas would never approve this kind of poor story telling that does not progress the plots & characters therein. Disney is going out of their way to make more plot-holes. Olga got to get fired. AI tracked coffee shop staff to determine one who made less coffee than the other employees. AI detected how much Congress was using phones. As long as AI remains decentralized in free markets, it can be used as a tool, unlike how it's used in China. PBD.

In reality, every state in America is pretty red minus the large mega blue metropolis cities like NYC. Most of the people voting blue are any of the following 8 variables: insane, hateful, misinformed, criminal, lethargic, duplicated, foreign, or dead. South Korea begins paying MILLIONS to the victims of the Covid Vaccines said Alex Jones. People been sending families of vaccine injuries billions of dollars (hush money) since at least the 1980s globally.

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande were singing at the VMAs in masks. It's like Halloween. But they want you to join in the mask party. But like every day from now until forever.

Elon Musk Twitter X Censors People

2023-09-16 - Saturday

Owen Shroyer on Pete Santilli

Car murders bicyclist. Road crimes should be given higher penalties, punishments, jail, whatever the court deems. If not, we will continue to feel less safe during travel. It's almost like they want us to instead live in pods, eat bugs, and be happy. They want us to be scared. Alex Jones stands with Russell Brand.

The brilliance of long-form podcasts like this is the joy of clipping it into memes, people on the right value memes while bots on the left can't take a joke. I've been taken out of context. But I don't let it become my Kryptonite but rather my muse.

Elon Musk Twitter X is censoring me too in the name of alleged hate speech, violence, spam, sexual abuse, similar to Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram. It's a bit of scam. Twitter is censoring people. The appealing system rarely works.

You have to say no brain stop. What we all forget all the time is we are not our brain. We sort of reside inside our brain like that animated cartoon Inside-Out movie with the characters inside the brain. We are not our emotions or our thoughts. How you feel is not you.

Matrix vs Russell Brand

2023-09-17 - Sunday


Matrix vs Russell Brand

The fate of my Discord server rests on the poll, first to 300 thumbs up or 300 thumbs down will determine who will govern that group into the future, those who help their side reach 300 will be given more power in my server to rule, first to 300 is the winner, destiny awaits. Tucker Carlson asked Javier Milei why the Pope, who is from Argentina, supports leftists who support murder. Javier said the Pope should answer that question himself. The Vatican system has been deleting history for centuries globally, they run around stealing historical items.

Jan6 delayed the false certification of the 2021 Biden Selection Not Election by a few hours but the intent of Jan6 was to delay it by 10 days by going back to the states for a recount, the fake news won't tell you Jan6 only wanted a recount.

Those birds are more aggressive than Russell Brand or am I totally off based on that? Angelina Jolie Tomb Raider Lara Croft. Women want to be her. Men want to be with her.

Government Spray Murdered, Geoengineering

2023-09-18 - Monday

2023-08-23 - Wednesday - Roy Merrick Oatmeal Where World Meme Carmen San Diego image.png

Oatmeal left his Discord

My Discord server is currently tied at 7 thumbs up and 7 thumbs down. First to 300 will win, will be given more power over my server to govern it as they deem fit. So, only 293 to go. Is this cooler than Russell Brand, Joe Rogan, Jenna, Italy, or trans? People were breathing in the toxins morning, noon, and night so the government could measure the effects it had on their lungs. This is evidence that the military has been in clear violation of the Nuremberg Code (which was established after WWII) since at least the 1950s.

Government sprayed deadly particles from airplanes and other places to give poor people and others deadly cancers and other things all over the United States of America, Alex Jones reporting. Is Fox News actually talking about this? Is it making people trans? In Texas, the toxins were spread by plane but in Missouri it was released off buildings. The cover story was the military was testing smoke screens. Alex Jones reporting via Fox News.

Why was military spraying zinc cadmium sulfide sprayed onto people in America starting in the 1950s? Under ultraviolet, it glows yellow or green meaning easy to detect where it is.

DOJ Under-Charged Ray Eps

2023-09-19 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2023-09-20 01-02-31.png

Sabine found her BF in Star Wars Ahsoka

DOJ under-charged Ray Eps for Jan6, a slap on the wrist, even as Ray told people to riot, Ray is probably a fed. They're sentencing people like Owen Shroyer who did the opposite. Timcast. Hercules Kevin Sorbo is here. As Internet rose in the 1990s, Hercules started speaking his mind online, Hollywood contacted Kevin Sorbo and said leftists are so tolerant for the freedom of speech, equality, gender, sex, religion, race, you name it. We're tolerant of everybody except you, racist Hercules.

Problem with hand ID is it eliminates or minimizes competition because it's tougher to decentralize the tech in your body. At least with credit cards, you can always get a new one from a different company. But with this, you're screwed. Twitter needs a Google Like Search Engine.

Better to say no right away and regret it than to say yes or nothing at all and regret something even worse down the road. You can always say yes later. Women especially should be encouraged to not rush into things. But our broken culture is rushing girls off cliffs.

Honest question, do the ducks think they're dogs or does this poor little puppy think he is some kind of weird looking bird of some kind?

System Not Broken But By Design

2023-09-20 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2023-09-20 19-25-27 Invasion.png

Border invasion, death to America

The consequences of not voting Trump is greater than the consequences of voting Trump. Did you know if you show a kitten a bunch of boxing on TV, it will transform into a bobblehead when fighting other cats? Trump in Iowa.

The system is not broken. It was designed to destroy society. Some of the plans were written in books in the 1800s and some of the philosophy goes back to even Plato, Alex Jones reporting. I stand with Elon Musk, Russell Brand, Andrew Tate, Trump 2.0. I'm against the WEF. Before globalists called you racist. Did you know over 2,000 years ago, they'd call Trump like rulers tyrants? In other words, even before Hitler was Hitler. Globalists would call people Hitler. I mean a tyrant. This goes back thousands of years. A war on language.

Plato would have said, "Russell Brand is a tyrant." Plato would have been wrong but Plato was not totally a good guy. He called good rulers tyrants. History is written by the victors who are able to redefine words. One must carefully translate when reading history. Civilizations were born from Greece. They came from rulers who Plato would have called tyrants. Before the CIA coined conspiracy theorist to attack patriots for questioning how the government murdered JFK. People like Plato (Fake News) coined the term tyrant.

They first took out Alex Jones and you did nothing. After that, they went after Trump and you did nothing. After that, Kanye West, Tucker Carlson, Andrew Tate, Russell Brand, etc. You are next. Stand together or fall separately. The more we talk about it, the stronger we get.

Poland No To Ukraine Scam

2023-09-21 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2023-09-21 11-48-06 Poland.png

Poland said no to the Ukraine Russia scam.

Russell Brand is cooler than the Federal Reserve. Rumble Trump 2.0 Russell Brand over Howard Stern and the criminal Federal Reserve. Cancel everyone who cancels Russell Brand. The global cabal going after Russell Brand is more coordinated than this female dragon complex. Real Owen Shroyer sends cease & desist letter to verified but fake @OwenShroyers and demands Elon Musk's Twitter X takes action in following their own rules regarding how parody accounts must say they are parody accounts to be verified. And restore @allidoisowen.

Ukraine abused Poland in this scam of a war against Russia. Poland is tired of being attacked same as what the cabal is doing to Russell Brand. Alex Jones reporting.

Who was this guy on Joe Rogan? New talking point is Americans deserve the invasion because the entire world should have equality, that all humans should have the same life spans and lifestyles. Borders are racist they say. He said people in other countries have to die for us.

Matt Gaetz said come 2024 if Trump isn't on ballots, we go to courts to stop the election. Tim Pool countered saying how there were so many bad ballots in different locations in Arizona (Lake). Suspiciously coordinated. Courts might wrongly argue the 14th Amendment.

RoboCop NYC

2023-09-22 - Friday

NYPD Robot F6p4GKOWoAAFroq.jpeg

RoboCop NYC

Every time I think I could not love Trump more. I see Trump signing a girl's chest. Men have been more macro. Women have been more micro. Think of gender like you do animals. Generally speaking, they play roles. A snake can fit in a small hole. Better than an elephant. Brooms/toothbrushes look same. But a broom is not a toothbrush. A man is not a woman.

Globalists go two feet forward. But then resistance takes one step. Cabal takes a step back. Then we the people fall back to sleep. And then the monsters take two more steps. And this cycle repeats. And has been for thousands of years. Alex Jones reporting.

Was World War II the last official war approved by Congress in America? Think about the war in Korea in the 1950s. Vietnam after that. Middle East. We should not tolerate any of this. Vietnam was an illegal war. The United States didn't comply with the U.S. constitution.

The Trusted News Initiative wants you to TRUST them when they say Russell Brand must be silenced. If Russell is wrong, let's expose how deceptive he is. All you have to do is hear him out and simply react. Don't take him out of context. Look at what Big Pharma has been doing.

Chinese missiles can hit any surface target on the planet within an hour which means we need force fields and more, nothing is safe anymore, nowhere to hide. This is why Trump launched Space Force. Reagan had Star Wars. Timcast. China has missiles which can go over 15,000 miles per hour, that is at least 20 times the speed of sound. It can bypass and evade air defense. China and Russia have them ready to use. America does not.

TikTok Bans Ninja Videos

2023-09-23 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2023-09-23 20-59-37 TikTok video removed.png

TikTok removes ninja videos

TikTok removes ninja videos because it sounds like the N word. TikTok continues to remove those videos of mine and give me strikes for them. But Ninja is the surname of my character, intellectual property violation.

This is how democracy dies, in thunderous appliances of electrical chaos masquerading as law enforcement which would make Data, the Terminator, RoboCop, Judge Dredd, and Alex Jones spin in their graves.

Tom Brady Grapes

2023-09-24 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2023-09-25 00-00-09 Simpcast.png


Grapes. Tom Brady. Culture is pushed towards Sodom & Gomorrah in order to create a chaotic society as that is easier to control off a cliff. Media throws everything at us to scramble our morality compass in order to freeze it like ice so they can smash it with a hammer. Divide & conquer.

Facebook told me they deleted my comments. Here is a powerful interview with Tom Brady. Pay to text celebrities and others on Minnect, this app lets people connect. Time is money and money is time. Even as an English teacher, I would get hundreds of messages on Facebook.If only I had Minnect.

Electronics are hackable. But mechanical machines not as much. Robots must have a bridge between the electronic brain and the mechanical body. The bridge must be easily accessible so you can switch robots off if something goes wrong. There must be a WIFI off-switch too.

Chrissie Mayr is right. It would be easier to be SSSniperWolf or Amouranth. Not only is their content easy to digest. They live in a bubble. They don't question the killer Covid Vaccines, Nazis, Bill Gates, Hawaii fires, taxes, Russia, Ukraine, Biden, Trump, MK-Ultra. Simpcast.

TikTok Duets, Owen Benjamin Family Dream

2023-09-25 - Monday

Guns F636HDMWYAAdDWS.jpeg

Guns Are Hot

I'd be happy if I was @OwenBenjamin with a hot wife, a bunch of kids, living in the woods on a mountain by a river with farm animals and caves and tunnels and canons for defense like a real-life version of War Craft. I want a castle fortress, I want to be the king of the land.

Ghost in the shell. If there are demons, they could hop into robots. Like Chucky in Child's Play. Or Avatar. We can blame it on the aliens. Project Blue Beam. I mean, blame it on the Nazis. Robots are dangerous. Like guns. But you can't stop it. Can't stop all this.

Gag orders outside of courtrooms are usually unconstitutional and illegal according Robert Barnes, exceptions are extremely rare.

Imagine if Little Red Riding was the younger sister of Robin Hood set in the Lord of The Rings (LOTR) universe, it would be like that one show, Once Upon a Time. The ability to mesh stories together is always intriguing to me.

Covid was Fear Porn. It launched in 2020. I wasn't glued to my TV. My brain already had a red-pill antidote. Many people will swallow the poison if they have no push-back from regular people like you and me. Roseanne Barr had a powerful interview with Kari Lake.

Michelle Obama & Gavin Newsom 2024

2023-09-26 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2023-09-26 18-34-05.png

Mark Hamill in The Machine

VOTE MICHELLE OBAMA. Or else you're racist and sexist. Never mind Britney Spears with knives. Just announced, this is the plan. Roger Stone has been saying Michelle would be running for the past like 2 years since like 2021. Alex Jones reporting. Covid Contact Tracing. Michelle Obama will replace Biden. They're blocking RFK. They're trying remove Trump off ballots. They want to replace Trump with anybody. So they can have Obama beat the anybody. Whether it's Pence, DeSantis, Vivek, etc. Roger Stone & Alex Jones reporting. Big Mike vs Orange Man. Just announced, Michelle Obama will be running in 2024 against Trump who they're trying to remove off ballots, imprison, and murder. Vote Big Mike or you're racist, sexist, and crazier than Britney Spears dancing with knives next to puppy poodle dogs.

NO CHEATING: You're last saved celebrity picture is your therapist... Alex Jones and his Alien Seal. Britney Spears needs help. But we all need help. The question isn't do you need help but how can people help you. Both things are true. Her father did her bad and she did herself bad too. It's not either or. I blame MK-Ultra and the drugs and everything. I relate to her.

Covid Contact Tracing is back. Biden ordered American Airlines to reinstate the evil Covid Lockdown Contact Tracing just announced, this is scarier than Britney Spears dancing with knives near cute puppies who you want to squeeze. They want to squeeze you. Covid Camps. In America. Comply with Contact Tracing. Or they come to your house. They drag you off to the camps. They did that in Australia. They're preparing to do it in the United States. Just Announced. Scarier than Britney Spears.

GOP Debate

2023-09-27 - Wednesday

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Canada & Ukraine cheered on a Nazi who fought Russia

Nikki Hakey is wrong. TikTok may be problematic. But that's how the Internet is in general. What she said is inaccurate, incomplete. Just ask Edward Snowden about it. TikTok is more a SYMPTOM. Not a ROOT CAUSE. Problem with the Internet is many things. Many.

$18 million, the value of a Trump property? That's what the judge said. But the taxes says it's worth over $200 million. Local realtors say they can sell it for 500M. Some are willing to pay over a billion for it. Can we boycott American Express for dropping Mike Lindell?

Children Internet Ban can't work. It's like banning guns. Criminals get guns. Kids will find ways to access the web. And legislation interferes with parenting. Parents need to do their job. Decide how much online access your kids will get if any. Fed sucks.

Instead of banning gender surgery. Reform the justice system and prosecute everyone involved in helping people transition. Be it doctors, Big Pharma, drug stores, surgeons, teachers, parents, etc. Try to get rid of liability protection and lock people after the fact.

AI VR Podcasting

2023-09-28 - Thursday

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AI virtual reality is the future of podcasting.

Alex Jones said vote 2024. Because they'll run out of bullets, I mean dead people. We saw this in states like Texas and Florida. In previous election years you see the graphs where the Democrats shoot straight up. But then it stops short of stealing the election.

We need a landslide. Alex Jones said they're mostly stealing elections through ballot harvesting, putting in the names of dead people. We just need to be 20% ahead. They'll run out of bullets, I mean dead people. Illegal aliens. Write-in Trump on ballots.

Russia is back to steal the election said Hillary Clinton which she also said for 2016 but the right wasn't allowed to blame China in 2020. It's critical to inspire people to vote, to get involved. Otherwise, they end up feeling hopeless. And then they stay home.

I was writing stories when I was ten. This was back in 1995 in an Oregon ghetto. I was homeschooled, we had so many books and we would go to the library, church, clubs. I was watching educational shows on PBS. I think my desire to write came out of my desire to draw. Word.

Why no Democratic debates? Because not only are they afraid of Trump who they're removing off ballots and locking up. But they're also afraid of RFK and Tulsi Gabbard on the left. They want to run either Biden or have him replaced with Obama or Oprah or Newsom, etc.

How many millions of dollars did Facebook Mark Zuckerberg spend? Mark spent a fortune collecting the names of dead people so Democrats could ballot harvest in previous elections meaning they fill out multiple ballots with random names with addresses of empty lots.

No Privacy, No Polls. Democrats often call up people who they know which way they're voting already. Lack of privacy (4th amendment) was weaponized to over-sample. If you poll 80% Democrats then of course the blue side is going to win. People are anti-anonymous.

What will we call 3-D videos? In the evolution of technology seen in the last century from radio to television, we went from audio to video. Mark Zuckerberg isn't merely talking about 3D video but a marriage with AI. Will we call it AI reality segments (AIRS)? Or DREAMS?

UN Illegals Military Draft vs 2A

2023-09-29 - Friday

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North Korea sucks

AI VR is the future of podcasting. The Hitler Youth & The Climate Scam. NYC flooding. Katie Hobbs stepped down (Wednesday) as governor of Arizona for a day or maybe longer. Where is Kari Lake?

When will globalists shut down Infowars? Alex Jones said what their end game is. First they have to roll out enough AI-run robot police to replace human cops. Then they'll take over like the drones did on Naboo in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Solution: talk to Sheriffs.

Why are the borders open? United Nations believes America is declining in population (depopulation) even as they cry about overpopulation. Solution: Replacement Migration where illegal aliens not only take your normal jobs but also law enforcement. They'll take your guns.

How will the United Nations confiscate guns from Americans? Since at least the 1960s, they were brainstorming ideas. Right now, they're trying to draft the illegals so they can steal firearms (second amendment). If that fails, robots and drones will go around removing weapons.

Roy is calling my bluff treating me like a joke thinking I'll return, he glances at my Twitter but disregards what I say, remind me to make videos/articles about this, I still have more to say, arrest everyone in my Discord server or those involved in crimes, Roy will regret it.

Anybody see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? New York City has multiple levels under the subways as seen TMNT. Why did they plug them up, the floodwaters could easily drain into the lower levels. This is the climate scam fear porn designed to brainwash city rats.

AI VR Babel

2023-09-30 - Saturday


Tower of Babel. There are problems when people are together in big cities. That is why God sent them out. Virtual reality is a digital version of that tower which is good but may lead to making the same mistakes we made in Genesis with the first tower.

Being in space damages bones. Calculators damaged math skills. Radio damaged audio memory. Televisions damaged visualization. Internet damaged long-term memory. Bones become weak in space due to lack of gravity/pressure/tension. Tech can make us stronger & weaker.

Children grow up depending on tech. With each new generation born in tech, it becomes harder and harder to develop backup plans to these dependencies like calculators meaning it minimizes the ability for the average person to survive without tech. Meaning tech runs them.

"Joseph Scott Rasp Morehead Mitchell Pickett Henderson "Oatmeal Joey Arnold Joeyarnoldvn" 1985 Oregon Meaomnia L4OJ Ojawall WOLBI Vietnam Salvationarmy USA America Trump Infowars Alexjones Arnoldattic Ironicmystic.jpg"

Owen Shroyer Cops

Oatmeal Services Announced, Mary Archived

They'll Murder Biden Then Trump Then Stage False Flags

Joe Biggs Labour Day

Nano Particles Brain Bleeds Coming


Dr. Stella on Alex Jones

Trump Noem 2024, South Dakota



Ashton Blocked Me

Twitter Locked For Riding Amouranth Curves

New York Governor Witch Vaccines Threat

Discord Server Poll

Elon Musk Twitter X Censors People

Matrix vs Russell Brand

Government Spray Murdered, Geoengineering

DOJ Under-Charged Ray Eps

System Not Broken But By Design

Poland No To Ukraine Scam

RoboCop NYC

TikTok Bans Ninja Videos

Tom Brady Grapes

TikTok Duets, Owen Benjamin Family Dream

Michelle Obama & Gavin Newsom 2024

GOP Debate

AI VR Podcasting

UN Illegals Military Draft vs 2A

AI VR Babel






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