My Introduction post - I'm Vincent to Serenade you

Hi Everyone,

I'm Vincent but since I also sing thus I decided with the handle Vinserenade




I'm the fifth child in a brood of 6 children. My father is a fisherman while my mother is a housewife.


My sisters told me I had a big birthday celebration when I was a kid but like children parties not most remember it because the adults gets to enjoy the most😅

I actually had one of my uncles as a godfather, I am not sure if my uncle volunteered or she was asked by my mother, his elder sister.


Elemendary days I spent it in CATAMCS short for Cong. Alberto T. Aguja Memorial Central School. I am not sure if that congressman was the previous owner of the lot where the school was built that's why it's named like that. (Hmm I'll have to dig deeper to that)

For secondary I attended a different school from my older siblings, it was a public school in our town.

As for college I took up Bachelor of Education Secondary Education Major in Filipino. I don't know what I was thinking when I chose that major heheh. Maybe Math was too difficult or English I can't relate or why not Filipino hahah, kidding though.



Well for my hobbies, I used to or still like basketball but to a minimal. This is because of an injury I had before in my hands were my bones broke (ouch). So my mother is always against me playing basketball as it may break again.

I'm have mentioned I sing, I think I got it from my father since I have never heard my mother sing😊.

I also play the guitar which I learned just by looking at someone playing it or maybe a help or two from friends and my father.


I try to play the organ but still have a long way to go.



My favorite food is spaghetti, just like my sister super love it.

For color I'm the typical guy who loves blue particularly navy blue.

Favorite place to hang is the boulevard. It's like a park near the sea in our place. Our college campus was just a walk from the park so mostly after class students came there to hang out with friends and just enjoy the breeze.

By the way my favorite person to hang out with is my nephew who is so cute and calls me Toto instead of Tito or Uncle😊



I have not practiced my profession well because maybe it was not my initial choice but due to financially situation I had to take up any course just for me to finish a degree.

But I'm now preparing to take the licensure exam for teacher so that I can finally practice as a teacher.

Since singing is my favorite hobby I actually tried making it to a career. I sing on all occasions, birthday weddings even funerals.


I had worked before at a restaurant in Cebu but it was just for months as I become homesick being away from home😥.

Then I also worked in the LGU of our town but it was not a regular job so had to end it again soon after.


Currently I am working in a gadget shop, selling all kinds of gadgets like laptops, cellphones printers etc.

I'm quite knew to these blog thing so hopefully I get a lot of help from you guys.

So see you on my next blog😊😅😉

Have a blessed day everyone and keep safe!

Sings for you,

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