My introduction to hive

Warm greetings to you all. Before introducing myself, I'd like to thank and appreciate @fredkese for introducing me to this lovely community, where I can share my experiences and read the experiences of other people from all over the world.


My name is Charity Amoudzi. I come from Keta, a beautiful town with serene and clean beaches in the Volta region of Ghana.

I currently work as a facilitator in a basic school. I facilitate basic 1 and 2 learners. This is due to the shortage of teachers in my school. Handling kids isn't my best forte but I'm trying to be the best at what I do. With time, I hope to learn from the experiences of other facilitators here to enrich my knowledge and profession.


I work in a small community in one of the mountainous areas in the Volta region. The weather here can be extremely cold but I'm getting used to it as the days go by. Temperatures can go as low as 26°c and that's pretty low compared to the normal here in Ghana. There are nice views from here. You can see the towns below and the big river Dayi.


My hobby is reading. I also have an interest in fashion and hairstyling. I'm making plans to learn both. I watch a lot of hairstyling videos and I practice with my hair. It took me two days to make the braids I have on currently. With time, I will be a pro. I would be sharing my progress with you subsequently.


That's about all I can say about myself now. With time, I'll get to share more experiences with you guys. Thank you @fredkese once again. And thank you all for accepting and welcoming me.

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