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Hello! My name is Daria, I'm here for the first time. I really hope for your interest in my page. Sorry, but my English is very bad, but I will fix it. I am 26 years old. I live in the capital of Belarus, in Minsk. I really love my family. My father is very fond of taking pictures, in his youth he was a photographer. He loves to take pictures of nature and our family. We gladly help him in this) My mother is a real beauty. I think my dad was very lucky with her. I have a younger brother. He turned 16 last week. He already used to be big. He is fond of computer games. This year he finishes 9th grade and will go to college.Now about me: I work in a construction company. I like my work very much, it's very interesting. Every day I learn a lot of new things.
In my spare time I like to travel, I like Belarusian nature, my friends and I go to lakes with tents every summer.
I traveled to Russia, Ukraine, Finland, India, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Sweden. And I want to visit more new countries every year.
On the road, I like to entertain myself by reading books. I like Russian classical writers. My favorite writer is Dostoevsky.
Everything else you will learn about me from this page. I will fill it with photos and tell what happened to me at that time. I hope that if you see this message, then we will become good friends with you. #

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