Doctors Are Murdering President Donald Trump Via 2 Experimental Drugs

Dear God, please push Donald Trump Jr. to get a second opinion from other doctors from other hospitals for his father before the side effects, allergic reactions, autoimmune responses, etc, end up eating up the President's immune system and eventually his life.

When globalists, leftists, and others, murder Trump, they'll blame it on Covid as an excuse to increase and continue masks, lockdown, tyranny, regulations, authoritarianism, technocracy, plutocracy, our prison planet, etc, globally, to accelerate the control, for years to come.

Dear Heavenly Father, please deactivate the deadly medicine inside Trump's body and please urge the hearts of those closest to Trump to get Trump the Hell out of that evil hospital and away from those murdering doctors and others before it's too late, in Jesus' name, amen.

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