Musicforlife 🎶

Musicforlife is a community for all the music lovers (not only musicians). Powered by Hive and a future tribe

Musicforlife is a community for all music lovers, which is powered by the Hive economy and our own VIBES token.

At [Musicforlife] (, we use our own token (VIBES) which is listed in [Hive-engine] ( VIBES), users who share their content on our platform are rewarded.

We do not think that Musicforlife will remain as a simple community, therefore, we are working on creating alliances and new projects based on VIBES:

  • Our greatest ally is @risingstargame in which you can buy card packs with VIBES.
  • Alliance with the YouTube channel Academia Libertad

We hope you enjoy the experience.

JOIN US ATDiscord oficial.



- 1. Content should be related to the Music World (bands, singers, instruments, theory, music reactions, vocal coach, music production, own songs, reviews, top, favorite artist or band, among others).

- We ask that you avoid doing:

- - Posts that poor quality

- - Plagiarism

- - SPAM

- Because they will receive downvotes and if they are repeat offenders, we will silence them from the platform. We seek to support the effort and original work.

- The posts you make from [Musicforlife] ( will be reflected in our PeakD community.