HIVENOOBS: Create Your Hive Account


This is the second article in the HIVENOOBS series from @hivepeople. Click here to read the first article in the HIVENOOBS series.This article is for absolute beginners, people who have never used Steem or Hive and are unfamiliar with the basics.

How to create a new Hive account:

Although there are many ways to create a new Hive account, we think the easiest way is use:
Watch this Youtube tutorial to learn all the steps for creating a new Hive account:

If you have issues with this method, here are other options:

Picking a new Hive account name:

Hive account names work similarly to Twitter, there can only be one unique Hive account name on the Hive network. If someone else already created the account name ‘johnsmith’, you cannot create that same account name, ‘johnsmith’. You must create a different Hive account name that no one else has created before.

Hive account name rules:

  1. You must use lowercase letters only. Uppercase letters don’t work.
  2. You can also use numbers, dashes and periods.
  3. Short usernames are ok, even 3 letter names (as long as no one else has created it before).
  4. If you get an error message, it probably means that your desired user name is already taken. You must try a different name.

Backing up your master password

Once you get your desired Hive account name and you fill out the form for a new Hive account, then if you’re using the Esteem app, you’ll get an email that you have to verify. After you verify your email, then you will get another email with your master password contained in it.

This master password is very important!

Once you get it, please copy it to a usb or flash drive. Also, print it out. Put these in a safe place and don’t forget to copy them! If you lose your master password, you could lose your account. It is not safe to keep your Hive master password saved on your phone or computer. You must save it offline in a usb/flash drive, or on paper due to two reasons: if you phone or computer dies, you’ll lose your account. If your phone or computer is hacked and your master password is easily found, you’ll lose your account.

It’s true that you could recover your account with a lot of effort, but that’s just a last resort. You should take all necessary steps to avoid having to go through that laborious process.

Be advised that once you have your master password, and have it saved, you can then use that to set up your Hive Keychain, which is the easiest way to log into on a desktop computer. Also there is a lot more to learn about your Hive passwords and keys and the different types. Stay tuned for a future HIVENOOBS article about this.

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