HIVE-HYPE #1: Hive Is Officially 1 Week Old, Let's See What's Happened So Far!


HIVE-HYPE #1: our first week on Hive!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first edition of HIVE-HYPE!
HIVE-HYPE will become a weekly post where I recap some of the exciting news, updates, events, and posts from the past week on the Hive platform. My plan is to have this bee a helpful resource to check-in on to make sure you're all caught up with the latest & greatest on Hive. If you have any posts / suggestions you want me to consider for next week's showcase, feel free to drop me a comment down below & I'll have a look :^)

NOTE: As this was our very first week on Hive, you should know that this post is going to be considerably larger than the others. We have LOTS of projects that have migrated, so get ready for an avalanche of info!

Dapps + Software

Hive picked up a load of new fun goodies to it's ecosystem this week, let's take a look!

Hive Keychain

Hive Keychain is the best way to easily & securely log in to your favorite dapps running on Hive. Being a port of the old Steem Keychain, it has all the same ease-of-use & quality-security that you've come to expect from it. Props to @stoodkev for the impressive work.

Unfortunately, it's not available on the webstores at the moment, but fear not, for both @themarkymark & @someguy123 have written guides on how you can get up & running with both Chrome & FireFox: Release

@therealwolf has ported the old SteemDapps site over to the, much better ;^), HiveDapps site & now we all have a simple & easy place to see all the dapps for Hive!'s web wallet is now up!

Hive.Blog finally got it's web-wallet feature working properly, so if you use that frontend you can now easily access & manage you wallet! GG, @hiveio!



Arguably the best frontend in the game, @peakd, has been hard at working building a whole slew of updates, upgrades, and fantastic changes to Peakd. I highly recommend this frontend. Plus, the team is amazing!

Esteem mobile release - Hive! 🙋🙌😎

Another popular frontend + mobile app team, @esteemapp, has released the Hive update for both desktop & mobile esteem apps! Plus, they got a pretty slick new logo. Double-plus, they have free sign-ups that are working super smooth for new users!

Nice work @good-karma and team!

Hiveinvite public onboarding is live

@pharesim shares HiveInvite, a tool to easily onboard new people onto Hive! I used it already to bring in someone from Reddit. It works great!


Hive.Vote Is Live On Hive

Hive.Vote allows you to setup a load of auto-voting features, including both upvotes & downvotes. It offers curation trails, and fanbase support. Very good for automating your Hive support!

Rewarding.App Autovoter for Hive is another auto-voter tool, this one ported by @holger80. It offers a wide variety of commands and features, similar to


...Honestly just a whole lot of emrebeyler stuff

@emrebeyler has been hard at work porting over a whole slew of dapps to Hive!

...Jesus christ man, slow down! It's too much to keep up with!

Steem Pruner - quick way to remove posts from Steem

@engrave gives a very helpful & easy tool to replace all your content on Steem with links prompting users to read it on Hive instead. It's your content, you should have control over where it lives!

Hive SQL for Ruby and Rails Applications

@inertia shares HiveSQL for Ruby, which is a very helpful tool for any Ruby programmers out there that want to make use of the hivesql subscription service.

HiveView Updates from CrazyGM

My boy @thecrazygm has released some more updates for HiveView - an open-sourced frontend alternative.

He's been hard at work on this thing for the past couple of days, and it's been amazing to see his progress. Can't wait for this thing to fully get out there in the world!

Bonus: He's also shared a nifty python-library that allows you to drop all your delegations to 0, so you can have a fresh start :^)

OneLoveIPFS Uploader v0.9.3: Welcome Hive blockchain

@techcoderx introduces Hive blockchain support for dTube via his "OneLoveIPFS" uploader. This dude has been a consistent & hard-working developer, props to him for his work ethic!

Ports & Supports

services, initiatives, and more that are ported to Hive & will continue their support for this platform

Minnowsupport is moving to HIVE

MinnowSupport is now on Hive! ( although, perhaps they should be called "BeeSupport" now? lol )

Global Blacklist API migrated to Hive

@themarkymark brings his global blacklist API over to Hive which helps identify spammers & plagiarists.

Steem Basic Income Becomes HIVE Stake Based Income

@steembasicincome has successfully migrated over to Hive & are now running on both chains. However, you are able to transfer your SBI units from Steem over to Hive if you wish!

Steemfeed-JS v3.1.0 Released

Steemfeed-JS is now Hive compatible & easier to use!

Awesome Community Resources

Graphics, tips, guides, and more from the amazing Hive community!

Free HIVE Wallpaper Kit

Free HIVE Badge Kit

@nateaguila provides a bunch of free graphics for the Hive community for use in posts & more! Nice work!

Get Your HIVE Signatures Here!

@zord189 is back with Hive-branded "signatures" to stand out on Hive. Get yours today!

Witness Stuff

witness news, announcements, updates, and more

First HIVE Block signed by @blue-witness

@bluerobo has setup a witness and mined his first block on Hive! How exciting :^)

Minted my first Hive-only block

@cadawg has also mined his first Hive-only block! It's so fun to see the witnesses posting stuff like this :^)

PRC's first post on Hive

For those of you who don't know, @prc is a long time former-Steem now Hive user, who has done a lot of great stuff. Chief among them being the developer of dSound which is basically our version of SoundCloud.

He's a great dude & deserves your vote!

Hive Outside Of Hive

what's happening off our platform?

HIVE added to LiveCoinWatch from @cardboard


BlockTrades now supports Hive account creation and Hive Power delegations from @blocktrades

HIVE is added to Delta from @lion200


Ionomy Exchange Lists Hive

@ionomy was the first to quickly support HIVE & list it on thier exchange. Go show them some love, and check out these reviews:

Rapid Fire Community Posts & Events

just a whole bunch of stuff I think you should read!


🦶 Footnote:

I hope you enjoyed the first edition of
! I plan to make these posts much shorter & refined in the future, but I wanted to kick things off with a bang of all the wonderful stuff that has happened in only our first 7 days! And I'm sure there's some I missed!

If you have any suggestions, feedback, comments, recommendations, or anything at all, please do let me know in the comments. I'm looking forward to having this become a weekly thing. See you all next time! :^)

Please go give upvotes & support those who are on this list! They are doing great work.

In an effort to help support the Hive community, 5% beneficiary goes to @steem.dao, while another 5% goes to support PeakD.


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