2021 Hive Highlight

2021 is one beautiful year that i had to travel virtually. You wonder what that means 不不不. Some posts or contest here on hive makes you take an imaginary position.

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Purging one's heart for activities and engagement for a whole year is a great initiative. Thanks to @guiltyparties for the idea.

2021 has been an amazing year for me. My hive experience has been up and down during the year. I wouldn't say I am a year old yet having joined in April, 2021.

As a newbie, finding my way around wasn't quite easy. Until the #smi-le initiative via @starstrings01 allowed me and other newcomers to be fed and showed around the hive blockchain.

Hence, my highlight here could be termed to the #bloggingchallenge, an offspring of the #smi-le initiative for newbies.

The scope of the project made the newbies try out some blogging experiences. On this, the #crossculture child christening challenge earned my first ever #HpDelegation. It was a good time to feel at home and work assiduously while I had that 1000 Hp delegated to me. Though, @kenechuckuw97 had delegates me some HP to help me commence my blogging journey on the hive block chain.
Friends from all over the world came along. During the #smi-le blogging challenge season, one of those people that really was of immense help was a friend from Bulgaria, @projectmamabg in collaboration with @jayone and @maryjacy.

The Ink Well Community

To say the least, I came to discover the Honeywell of hive when I got to #Theinkwell community. Writing short stories, which was usually fiction or from folklore, and the attention some of those stories received here is sweet to relate here. Thanks to the moderators of the community @jayna @wrestlingdesires @gracielaacevedo @agmoore and so on.

Here is my 2021 hive highlight and I can tell you it's getting better.

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