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The Hive Blockchain has got some major problems...

A lot has happened since I've gone public revealing @hivewatchers shocking abuses, and a lot has come to my attention. There is so much information it can not be digested in one go. So many people have come forward to me with their stories of abuse from this extremely well organized group.

In fact, it was so overwhelming I needed to hire a small team of professional investigators to help me with the research. The amount of shocking information that was discovered will literally blow your mind.

This is only the second post of several that will shine a light on nothing less than pure evil infesting the highest levels of the Hive Blockchain. If you have not yet been informed about the original post titled "Mindblowing and Shocking Abuse Revealed on the Hive Blockchain", I suggest you first start here.

If you do not know already, the @hivewatchers group, part of a larger organized group, has targeted me for termination for completely unjust reasons. It's totally wrong, against the consensus of the Hive Community, and blatantly sadistic. They even were downvoting me on steemit for months and wiped my posts to zero just before payout on day seven. They have run large sums of money and people off the platform while consolidating power to themselves.

Many people have been asking who is funding them? What big money is behind this? Who is pulling the strings? It's hard to know when normally the dark ones only communicate in the shadows of discord, but here we have a slip up.

Below is a screen shot taken from my phone just after the first info drop. In authoritarian speak, I've been removed from their blacklist.
Why is @themarkymark so interested?

@hivewatchers obviously couldn't take the negative publicity, so they took me off the black list as an attempt to shut me up and hope I go away..... Now check this out.

A screen shot taken hours later. Suddenly I'm back on their blacklist and "under review". I've remained blacklisted ever since.

The money man behind the curtain must not have been happy about this. Please address your interest and involvement publicly in the comments of this post @themarkymark. Why the sudden change @hivewatchers? Do it in video format so we can all see what you look like, after all, you're a top twenty witness marky mark, and guilty parties is #23. People should see what they are voting for and who is representing the Hive Blockchain. Don't you think?

Don't forget that Hive watchers acts as judge, jury, and executioner and brags about a 97% guilty rate! See here They have been known to go after Christians, Conservatives, alternative news, anti-vaccine, pro trucker rally content. Just look at this recent post from @ura-soul here notice the downvoters, all belong to "them".

They have numerous "ghost" accounts and well over fifteen million hive in downvote power combined as one well organized group; they can call in much more money too if needed. Frankly it's beyond startling, and we'll go into detail of these things next time.

Now, you must ask yourself, why have the Hive witnesses continued to ignore, overlook, and downplay all of this? It truly is remarkable and suspicious.

Citing my first info drop; only @mahdiyari came out and voiced his opinion in support of my message, it got upvoted 27 times for $30. What happened to ALL the other witnesses? @mahdiyari been stuck at 27 rank witness for a while and has no hope of ever getting into the top 20 now. But I wouldn't want to be in their company anyway, consider it a blessing in disguise.

It's a rigged game folks, top twenty controllers are locked in as one massive witness vote for vote. To keep their handsome witness income, they do what they are told from the top money. As always, the ones on top have no interest in favoring the voice of the people. They are favoring themselves to maintaining power, control, and the ability to manipulate for their incredible financial gain.

The community would like to know why you (witnesses) are funding sadists to attack Christians, Spiritually positive blogs, conservative blogs, and blogs like mine? A blog which didn't break any rules, was highly successful, but took too much from "your" reward pool. Explain why the down-vote button really exists. Either way, we will learn a lot about this soon.

A Little About Me and Why They are Shocked I Have Not Chosen the Easy Path and Licked Their Boots.

I originally came to Steemit/Hive five years ago as a semi-retired guy with over a decade of travel experience just looking to share travel related content, make new friends, and earn a little something. See my intro post from five years ago here It was just a hobby for me, something to do for fun.

I've had my face all over my blog, and enjoyed attending and meeting excellent people from around the world at steemfest 2018 and 2019. After five years I've grown very attached to my blog and the name "Travel Pro". Friends I've made over the years even call me Travel Pro to this day.

Point being, this highly disturbing small group of individuals have unjustly taken all that away from me and tarnished my name and reputation forever, they've done this to many people and it's the same thing over and over. They start to mentally torture you, whipping you, like a dog, with down votes and nastiness in their racist discord chat as they make you beg for forgiveness, guilty or not.

Personally they made me put all my attention on saving my blog and spending all day writing great blog posts that they downvoted anyway. Relentless attacks to drive me and my blog out for 10 weeks. It was miserable and exhausting at times, but I promise, it was not all for naught; and you will find out why specifically in the next info drop.

They think everyone is a trickster and a fraudster on here and that is all they see with their 97% conviction rate straight to death penalty. The reason is because they are evil rotten tricksters and fraudsters themselves and that is all they see. Their weapon is a down vote button and their target is the herd. They watch the herd, make sure nobody gets too far off the reservation.

"When all you have is a whip everyone looks like an ass!"

A friend close to this situation gave me that line, and it's so true.....To me Hive was a place to share photos and socialize. My favorite form of entertainment is traveling and that involves going to a lot of different locations and taking photos. My blog was highly visual, and I always received good comments and support for it. Again it's an extremely visual photo/travel blog, look at my real life captured photos and sunset photos. For Hivewatchers to overlook this, is outrageous while Instagram is worth over 100 billion dollars at the moment.

All I did was model my blog after all the museums and attractions I've been to where when you enter through a gate, you are handed a pamphlet, giving you a synopsis (a few paragraphs) to familiarize yourself with what you are about to see and you proceed to look around exhibit to exhibit. That is why I reused the same paragraphs over, each series had their own pamphlet; I figured offering ten new photos and one synopsis was good, and much better than one photo, one sentence, which you see everywhere.

The thought of tricking someone never even occurred to me, cause I don't think like @thevil, one of their accounts. I've done dozens of series and hundreds of blog posts in this format, but they only came after me once the price of hive spiked over a dollar and I began a power-down. Coincidence? I doubt it.

Seriously, who goes to a sunset to look down at a piece of paper and read a description of the sunset? Who goes to a museum to look down and read five hundred words on each artifact. People came to my blog to see the photos, because it's a highly visual travel/photo blog! Like going through a museum one exhibit at a time....

But when you're looking to weed out "milkers" and you own the cow. This is exactly what you do. This organized group of people probably own somewhere around 15-35% of all Hive maybe much more. They are sadistic and their weapon is the down vote button with unlimited power.

I used to spend a good 10 to 20 hours a week making my blog posts, doing the price is right game, and chatting with people. That wasn't good enough. They need me and all of you to work more and get paid less to concentrate the reward pool to themselves while pumping their lower level members accounts wildly.

My success was punished to concentrate more money and power to them. Same with @gringalicious, @ura-soul, @kennyskitchen, @nainaz.tengra, and others. What we all have in common is being positive, successful, veterans of the platform. In direct conflict with what they want. What they want is a huge class of slave wage content creators while they suck in all the money to themselves like a vacuum. We're talking filthy rich people here.

Look.....same people are down-voting him too! Hmmm, nothing to see here.

They had no idea what they were getting into when they came after me, and I warned them several times. These people are really sick, evil, and dumb. Blinded by their thirst to punish and dish out pain they've ensnared themselves in something they can not escape. There is a mountain of evidence that will be presented in future blog posts, but for now just have another look at the pervasive dark satanic imagery they identify themselves with.

Why did they choose to put children on their spaminator logo?

Photo credit to these four images in order from left to right: @hivewatchers @azircon, @guiltyparties, @spaminator.

Further more go back to the post that has gotten so much attention recently here and notice the difference between profile images/logos between the two sides of this conflict. It really is a battle between light and dark. Almost shocking.

This one below looks like a chicken neck pedophile.
Photo credit @themarkymark


This disgusting thing @themarkymark, has a long history of doing good business for himself at the expense of the platform and everyone else. He used to run one of the largest bid-bots on steemit @buildawhale. He fabulously enriched himself along with his fellow club member @acidyo and his mega bid bot.

They almost killed the golden goose and had to stop, put it in reverse and toss out a 10% vote to many including myself. I too assumed he was a good guy cause he threw me some bread crumbs from his massive fortune; but trust me after months of investigation, these are not good people. These guys are super rich, and there is nothing scarier in this world than evil people with exuberant amounts of money and power.


I highly suggest that "good" on this platform begin separating themselves from the dark ones immediately. They are a tiny minority, a fraction of a percent compared to all active users; however they have an extreme dis-proportionate amount of money and power, it's roughly about twenty people or so to my understanding and a few fooled tag-a-longs that are probably clueless about everything.

This info drop is just the warm up. My team of private investigators found things that frankly we wish we had not.

Until next time,

-Dan "World Travel Pro!"

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Prominent members of the community are being tagged to bring awareness of massive corruption and cover up at the highest levels on the Hive Blockchain.

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