Just joined Hive (edited with way more detail!)

Hi I am Oscar Sanderson from the United Kingdom. I am a tech enthusiast who loves Free and Open Source software. I just joined Hive and this is my first post on Hive. Hive seems pretty cool and I hope to post more soon. Expect tech releated content about Open Source and the news going on in the tech space in general from my posts. I hope to see posts about tech and open source because I enjoy looking at that content as well as creating it :) but the latter is very fun!


I enjoy coding, checking out software, discovering new platforms and producing videos and blogs! As well as basketball (although I am no good at it!).

How I discovered Hive

I love to check out new platforms especially decentralised ones. I discovered Hive because I saw a video about it by Scott Cunningham and I already heard about it a bit from the DTube community (I also have a DTube account) but I never tried it until I saw that video and I thought this Hive ecosystem sounds cool.

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