The daily pain

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The daily pain is a downward spiral. From September 2020 90% in bed if you move too much you get days of pain afterwards. Fibromyalgia muscle disease I thought so light about it also the other problems that come with it. House eviction water cutoff all help gets you only more down instead of up.

People who see you fall and say not my problem. Your own fault. You must look forward so I look forward and what do I see?

What do I see. What... do I see as I look into the future?
Betreal daily pain no roof over my head fingers pointing at me laughing
People saying ahh if you didn't help those people you would have had it good. If I wouldn't have helped others that money was taken from me anyway... I still got sick people still had ghosted me I would still have that pain I still was uninsured because that it would cost me 25-40% of my income and this what I have wasn't covered because they will find a way for not paying. If I could have coughed up the insurancecosts.

That's why I didn't write that much that's why I disappeared into the background. There are days that I can't even hold my phone.

Then I called another health insurance can you help me do I have right on the base health insurance? Can I have fysio yes you can. Because your disease you have unlimited right to physio therapy it is chronically. Nobody told me and I have several specialists my life I give is 0 now everybody knows this too. They look doctors laugh specialists look coaches do nothing and lawyer's planning schemes to wreak and break me further.

This was my life and vision of my future...

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