1500+ Hive Up For Grabs Just For Engaging Your Followers - Join Operation #Ping! ☄️

You made it, welcome! We’re so glad you’re here in this wonderful space we call the Hive blockchain.


You may not realize it, but you’re the commander of a Discovery-Class Starship equipped with cutting-edge social blockchain technology.


And it was your bold courage to follow your intuition, take risks, and join Hive –not luck– that got you here.

You're clearly open-minded, because when others feared, you went forward towards new ways to navigate the human experience.

The gaps, voids, and unknowns didn't scare you. 💪 You willingly made every move that got you here.

And now that you're here, piloting your Starship through the blockchain's space, your attention is suddenly drawn to the glowing dashboard in front of you.

Warning lights are blinking, sirens are blaring. Why? Because it appears engagement on the Hive blockchain has reached critically low levels. There’s been a lack of engagement here for far too long. Your followers need you to step up and show them how to make Hive a better place to be.

And this is a moment of truth for you, commander, because here on Hive, you have a ship full of followers who are counting on you to make the right decision.

Do you let the sad state of social engagement remain as it is...

...or do you push the override button and initiate the Operation Ping sequence?


Choose 'yes' by signing up to Operation Ping and then 'pinging' your followers for 'signs of life', and jumpstart some engagement.

Or choose 'no' by ignoring this post and contest and leave the chance for increased social interaction on the blockchain alone.

The decision is yours to make...

Warm up your follower list, or keep them on ice.



Everywhere we turn a vast ocean of space and time separates us but, thanks to today's technologies, we’re not lost or alone, and what defines us isn’t the gaps between us but the points of contact (‘pings’) that connect us all together!

We’re more capable of communication NOW than we’ve ever been at any point in human history.

Equipped with the ability to communicate at the speed of light... our ancient ancestors would be astounded at what is now possible!

Blockchain is the technology poised to rewrite human history… And so are we!

Operation Ping is a contest for you to contact your followers, create engagement on the blockchain, and have a chance at winning 1500+ Hive!

Basically you comment on posts written by your followers, this is ‘pinging’ them. One comment, is one ‘ping.’ If your followers are still active and on the blockchain, hopefully they ‘ping’ you back by replying to your comment.

In this way we get some true, human-to-human contact going on a blockchain that can sometimes feel a bit silent and static.

Operation Ping will test your follower’s well-being, it’s also a true engagement challenge, and it’s a chance to earn a decent chunk of hive all at the same time.


These are some of the best prizes on the blockchain! (We think so anyways!)

Operation Ping has three prize-tiers, one for each Operation Ping 'mission.'

And each Prize Tier has 500 Hive + [50% of Participant fees] available to be won.

Each winner (‘commander’) in Operation Ping will win a percentage of their category’s prize pool that matches how many ‘ping backs’ (replies) they’ve gotten from their followers. (Their ‘conversion rate.’)



534 HIVE

Any remaining amount from each prize pool will be banked towards the next Engagement Event that @Comet.Ranker hosts on the Hive blockchain!


There are three mission categories, and each one takes place in it’s own week-long window, connected to its own prize pool.

And your first step is to choose a mission category, then sign-up.

Mission Category 1 [Planet]

Eligibility: For commanders with 100 FOLLOWERS OR LESS.
Start Date: January 8th, 2022
End Date: When the Mission Report post for this category concludes it's reward cycle (7 days later.)
Sign-Up: Send 1 HIVE to @Comet.Ranker and your hive account & follower-list will automatically be registered.

Mission Category 2 [Galaxy]

Eligibility: For commanders with 101 to 999 FOLLOWERS.
Start Date: January 15th, 2022
End Date: When the Mission Report post for this category concludes it's reward cycle (7 days later.)
Sign-Up: Send 10 HIVE to @Comet.Ranker and your hive account & follower-list will automatically be registered.

Mission Category 3 [Universe]

Eligibility: For commanders with 1000+ FOLLOWERS.
Start Date: January 22nd, 2022
End Date: When the Mission Report post for this category concludes it's reward cycle (7 days later.)
Sign-Up: Send 100 HIVE to @Comet.Ranker and your hive account & follower-list will automatically be registered.

You have from now until 23:59 on January 7, 2022 to sign-up and be registered for Operation Ping! Once you’ve joined up, you’re officially part of the #CometCrew , CONGRATULATIONS!

(Note: Operation Ping officially launches January 8th, 2022 at 0-hundred hours, but you don’t want to miss out, so sign-up now!)


Well, the fees go towards two great causes.

  • 50% of the Hive collected will be added to the prize pool for each category, juicing up the pot beyond the initial 500 HIVE available to be won in each category.
  • 50% of the Hive collected will go towards 'powering up' the @Comet.Ranker service , a hive account dedicated to elevating engagement on the blockchain for everyone.



Once your Operation Ping category launches, the following are steps to add a ‘ping’ to your ping score:

1. Copy your entire follower list into a document or spreadsheet such as Google Spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel, or even just 'notepad.' The @Ecency front-end is the easiest platform to copy your follower-list from: https://ecency.com . (These followers are people who chose to follow you, fearless leader, so let’s treat ‘em right!)

2. Visit each of your follower's Hive Blogs, then take the time to read their most recent post & leave a well-thought-out personal comment. (This is what it means to 'ping' someone, simple, right?) Your followers / passengers have likely been in stasis for awhile, so here's your opportunity to warm up those connections one 'ping' at a time! Do NOT copy & paste a cookie-cutter response or ‘phone it in.’ That is NOT the point of Operation Ping.

3. Record each ‘ping’ on your Follower-List Document that you created earlier using ONE of the following four methods:


  1. 🟥 = 1 ping from you, but no ‘ping’ back or response from them.
  2. 🟥🟥 = 2 pings total, one from you, and one in response from them.

  1. 🔴 = 1 ping from you, but no ‘ping’ back or response from them.
  2. 🔴🔴 = 2 pings total, one from you, and one in response from them.

(Note: An 'inactive follower’ means that your follower's most recent post is older than 14 days. An ‘active follower’ means that your follower’s most recent post is 14 days or newer.)

⚠️ AND you’ll also want to copy a ‘link’ to each post that you comment on.

4. Report your 'ping results' to the @Comet.Ranker Mission Report post for your category before it concludes it's 7 day reward cycle. This is done as a comment and is called your 'Ping Mission Report' and should consist of only one 'ping result' per. comment. Make sure you include the appropriate red symbols and a link to each follower's post that you 'pinged'.

⚠️ If you don’t receive an immediate ‘ping back’ from a follower, remember to report your initial 'ping' to @Comet.Ranker before the Mission Report Post for your category's 7-day reward countdown expires. Once the 7-day reward cycle is completed ‘Ping Missions’ may no longer be registered within your category.

Whoever gets the most ping back responses (points/symbols) in their category, wins!

As Operation Ping progresses, you (the initiating commander) will ping as many of your followers as possible in the week allotted for your specified category.

Each ping report will result in one of four possible outcomes [🔴 or 🟥] and [🔴🔴 or 🟥🟥].

The Commander able to score the most ping backs (replies) [🔴🔴 or 🟥🟥] will have accumulated the highest number of pings on his / her Ping Badge and Ping Console (dashboard.)

This is how the winners for each category will be determined.


Let's say the commander with the highest Ping Score for mission category one converted 71% of their followers into ping backs [🔴🔴 or 🟥🟥]...

...This means that they will win a total of 71% of the tier one prize pool. That's 355 Hive to the winner, not counting the extra that will be awarded from the sign-up fees from their category.


Once the @Comet.Ranker crew receives your 'Ping Mission Report' we'll update your total 'ping score' to your 'badge.'


Your badge will auto-update as your Operation Ping missions progress, pretty cool, right?

Your score, follower-engagement, and more can also be tracked on your Ping Dashboard, as a nice visual representation of your progress. Here's what your ship’s dashboard display looks like! We call it your ‘console.’ Love it? We thought you might!


You can activate special features on your 'ping dashboard' using Boosts!


Yep! The ping badges are confirmation that @Comet.Ranker's crew has processed and stored your ping report. The ping console however, is optional, and must be activated through a ‘boost’ function.


At any time during Operation Ping you may buy and activate a one-time boost. These boosts give you added functionality, information, special deals, and may even give you an edge during Operation Ping!


With Boosts 7, 8, and 9 you can call in the comet. These boosts increase your ping back odds, increase your social capital, and encourage engagement on specified Hive posts! (Yours, your followers, and even people you follow!)

Select whatever boosts you think will assist you in reaching your Operation Ping objectives down below! (This is cool, yeah? Admit it! 🤩)


To buy and activate a boost just comment to @Comet.Ranker (on the official 'Boost Bank' post) letting us know which one(s) you'd like to buy (activate.)

There are two ways to pay for boosts.

Once done, we'll notify you once your boost is purchased and/or made active on our systems.

Also, if you have any questions about boosts (or anything else for that matter) always feel free to reach out to us over here at @Comet.Ranker! We're here for you and want to see you succeed! When you win, we all win!


Well! There you have it. Operation Ping is a fun game, a rewarding contest, and an engagement blessing for the blockchain, all-in-one. And not only is it going to be a lot of fun, Operation Ping will also have some friendly competition to it! :)

The better you are at commenting, engaging your followers, and using boosts the higher your chances...

...but there's also a bit of luck involved as well, because there are 2 factors outside of your control.

  • You don't decide who follows you, or whether they're active or not, or why they've followed you. (But Operation Ping can help you actually find out these reasons!)

  • You don't decide who will ping back in response to your comments, that's up to them.(But you do increase your odds by doing your best to connect authentically.)


Your winnings will mostly come down to how well you authentically connect, and we here at @Comet.Ranker believe that this will be a true test of the overall social well-being of the Hive Blockchain, so let's make our social environments better than the year before, and well into 2022!

We're all the commanders of our very own Discovery-Class Starships here on the Hive Blockchain... and a rising tide (of authentic and genuine engagement) raises all ships both socially AND financially! 💯



Are you ready to UP your engagement and discover your Follower List with the rest of the #CometCrew? Operation #Ping is NOW here!

This is @wil.metcalfe coming to you from @Comet.Ranker Headquarters. ☄️

Keep it snappy everyone! Over and Out. 📴


A very special thank you for advising and editing this @Comet.Ranker post goes to two significant forces of human nature in the wider social & crypto cipher AND on the Hive Blockchain. @ryzeonline & @cynshineonline! Sincerely. Thank you for everything you do you guys! 🙏
As well! A massive thank you to @humbledwriter for translating this post into Filipino, @kpreddy for translating this post into Hindi, and @cynshineonline for translating this post into Spanish! 👍
I really want to bring as many of you (my world-wide brothers and sisters!) along with me! @Comet.Ranker is all about engagement and self-discovery as much as it is about impacting EVERYONE for positive social change SO thank you all for coming along for the COMET RIDE OF YOUR LIFE! 🙌

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