Wanna dabble in some drabble? Dreem-WOTW... S2R4 - You ready?

And after a 1-month break... we are back for Season 2 Round 4 πŸ™Œ

You didn't think I'd disappeared, did you?

Good! Now we got that outta the way πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚...

So... this month the challenge is simple 😜... a choice of prompts will follow below... pick ONE of them and write a drabble.

Say what???

What the heck is a drabble, Sam?

Glad you asked!

Citing Wikipedia...

A drabble is a short work of fiction of precisely one hundred words in length. The purpose of the drabble is brevity, testing the author's ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in a confined space.

For this challenge, we want you to showcase your creativity in exactly 100 words (no more, no less!!!) to create the best short story fiction inspired by one of the prompts below.

Please make a note at the end of your post as to which prompt you have used to inspire your story. This note is not included in your word count πŸ€—

Use a word counter and paste a screenshot at the bottom of your post. Only the actual 'story' counts toward the word count.

But what if I write less than 100 words, Sam? I mean...

uh... yeah... but they need to be exactly 100 words short! 🀣

ok... then what if I make it longer than 100 words? I mean...longer is better, right?

Nope!!! Not in this case...😜


Prompt Options:

  1. Where does it hurt?

  2. Following the rules is boring.

  3. I have secrets

  4. The world is not ready for us.

  5. The real world

Summary of requirements:

  1. Pick a prompt and write a short piece of fiction exactly 100 words in length.
  2. Add a screenshot from a word counter to the bottom of your post.
  3. Use the tag #dreemwotw
  4. Post in any community although Scholar and Scribe is recommended.
  5. Share your post in Dreemport ON Tuesday 30th May... NOT BEFORE, NOT AFTER or your entry will not be counted.

This month the Dreemport submission date is:

Tuesday 30 May between 4 am UTC and 23h59 UTC

Please note...


The curation/submission cycle starts and ends at these times so there is unfortunately little room for flexibility. All valid submissions to Dreemport will be reviewed and ranked by public curators the following day.

If you want to have your voice heard in this respect, simply log on the next day and curate and rank the 5 random contest posts assigned to you. This part is highly advisable, as part of the grading process includes an allocation of points for engagement... but engagement is only assessed if you do Dreemport curation of the contest post in Dreemport on the day following the contest submission date.

Dreemport will provide an official top 5 reader's favourites to the grading team, who also reserve the right to include other entries of merit in the shortlisting for prizes. We will also be able to access the top 5 Dreemport staff entries in the background and will run two contest pools to keep staff and public entries separate 😊

The dreem-wotw team will then use a Merit grading system that incorporates some aspects of the ORIGINAL Merit Grading Model developed by @scholaris and others added by @juliamulcahy in order to determine the winners.

How to use Dreemport

If you have not used Dreemport before, you will need to register on dreemport.com, which is a quick and easy process.

You may want to start by taking a look at these videos by @dreemsteem ...

Getting started on dreemport

If anyone has any difficulty registering and trying out the platform, please tag me or @wrestlingdesires here on this post and we will help you to get this little piece of admin out of the way as painlessly as possible 😊

This month we are thankful to the following sponsors:

@dreemsteem and @dreemport for Dreem tokens

@melinda010100 and @ecency for Ecency point sponsorship

@dibblers.dabs and @jfuji and The Scholar and Scribe creative writing community for Scholar and Scribe tokens.

@amberkashif for Ecency point sponsorship

@wesphilbin for LUV tokens

This month Dreem-Wotw sponsors Dreemport Featured posts, HBI, as well as adding to the Ecency point prizes.

Scholar and Scribe Sponsorship

If your entry is short story fiction or poetry, feel free to post it in the Scholar and Scribe community. All entries (no matter where you post them) can use the #scholarandscribe tag if you wishβ€”this will help you earn both SCHOLAR and SCRIBE tokens.

Learn more about S&S here and consider joining the community if you haven’t already.

Official Prizes will be as follows:


1st: 500 Dreem Tokens, 1 Dreemport Featured Post, 350 Ecency points, 3 HBI, 50 Scholar, 2 Scribe

2nd: 200 Dreem tokens, 200 Ecency points, 2 HBI, 50 Scholar

3rd: 150 Dreem Tokens, 150 Ecency points, 1 HBI, 50 Scholar

4th: 150 Ecency points

5th: 150 Ecency points

Dreemport Staff:

1st : 250 Dreem tokens, 1 Dreemport featured Post, 350 Ecency points, 3 HBI, 50 Scholar, 2 Scribe

2nd: 100 Dreem tokens, 200 Ecency points, 2 HBI, 50 Scholar

3rd: 50 Dreem tokens, 150 Ecency points, 1 HBI, 50 Scholar

4th: 150 Ecency points

5th: 150 Ecency points

Miscellaneous prizes:

For using the Ecency front end:
Each entry made using the Ecency front end will receive 25 Ecency points sponsored by Dreem-WOTW.

Participation draw:
All participants will be entered into a random draw and there will be 1 winner of 150 Ecency points.

Promotion draw:
Anyone who BOTH reblogs this contest post AND tags at least 2 people who they think would like to take part in the contest, will be entered into another random draw where 1 person will win 150 Ecency points. If you do reblog the post, please mention that you have done so in the comments. I will only check for reblogs by those who comment accordingly. Please do not tag people already tagged in the post πŸ€—πŸ˜˜

Good luck folks and I hope to see lots of people dropping their names in the hat for this one! πŸ€—

All new entrants each month will be added to the list.

Please let me know if you would prefer not to be tagged and you will be removed from the list, and if you are reading this and would like to be tagged going forward, please comment below and I will add youπŸ’—.

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