The Heirloom V [Fiction]

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I couldn't keep the smile from my face as I sat, dressed in a beautiful evening gown, my hands locked with Adam's while he drove his Bugatti Veyron sports car with his other hand.

It was a chilly night and the air was warm with whispered secrets of anticipation.

I doubted Adam at first but as we worked together, I began to see his admirable sides. Though egotistic, he was calm, understanding and always cheerful.

He broke down my wall of resistance and doubt.

Sitting in his car and watching the glowing streetlights, fancy supermarkets and skyscrapers rush by, I completely forgot why I doubted him at first.

Some staff at Chris Burgers & Fries paid up their bet when they got wind of our date at Le Comptoir, a French five star restaurant. There was no point hiding our admiration for each other anyway.

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The sleek facade of Le Comptoir was a marvel. The ambience was cool and the tantalising aroma of their cuisine permeated the restaurant. Soft music welcomed every guest that walked in, evoking romantic feelings.

Adam placed his hand on my naked lower back and I smiled at him.

A waiter led us to a table for two in a corner and placed menus in our hands. I wasn't one for French food so Adam ordered for us.

After devouring the appetiser, or amuse, we went through five courses and when dessert, chocolate mousse was served, I was full.

Time stood still as Adam and I laughed and talked while sipping from our wine glasses. Words did not seem enough, our gazes entwined in a dance of romance.

"Will you come home with me?" Adam asked.

I chuckled, but not from the wine. "Trying to be a gentleman?"

He feigned shock and grinned. "I'm pained that you would see me as nothing less than a gentleman."

"Shut up, Adam. You are not only full of the delicious meal we've had but also of bs." A teeny bit of doubt still flowed with my conversation. I saw it as merely teasing him.

He looked serious, his handsome face captivating. "I'm not full of bs, as you so lightly put it. I know what I want and it's you. Come home with me, Alex."

I fell for his charm and we drove to his place. His penthouse was stylishly furnished and deluxe. I opened the sliding glass door leading to the balcony. It offered a breathtaking view of the city, tiny lights twinkling in the distance.

Adam stood behind me and wrapped his hands around my waist, his warm breath fanning my neck causing goosebumps to erupt on my skin. His clean, manly scent flooded my nose. My cheeks heated and I slowly closed my eyes….

A thought of my grandfather flashed into my mind but I quickly shoved it away into a dark corner.

It's been a while since I felt this way.

To be continued….

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