The Heirloom VI [Fiction]

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Strange. I couldn't move and wondered why. I slowly opened my eyes and groaned. My bladder was almost bursting.

Where was I?

My memories fumbled around in my head to form a picture or two of last night's event. The room was semi-dark except for a faint hue of the dark, starry sky that I glimpsed from the floor-to-ceiling glass window. Also a glow of light from under the door leading to the bathroom filtered in.

That was when I felt a heavy and warm hand across my chest and a heavy, hairy limb across my legs.

I remembered!

My date night with Adam, how we came to his penthouse and ended up in bed together. Thankfully, he did not snore. His breathing was calm and relaxed.

I gently extricated myself from his warm grasp, removing his hand and leg. Adam groaned in protest and dropped his hand over my flat stomach. I gritted my teeth from the discomfort, waited for a few seconds and when his breathing became relaxed, I removed his hand again. There was no protest this time.

I gently stood and went into the bathroom. When I came out, relieved and quite awake, Adam had turned the other way.

I was thirsty. I tiptoed to the kitchen, fetched a glass and downed it.

Then I noticed the door to a room slightly ajar. I pushed the door open and realised it was his study. Tall shelves filled with books all colour-coded, lined both sides of the plush study. A sleek, mahogany desk and leather swivel chair sat in a corner of the room. There was a closed laptop on it.

I became curious. Who is Adam Enfield, outside of Chris Fries?

The drawers of the mahogany desk were locked. I lifted the laptop and it came on, blinking and requesting a password. I closed the lid.

I walked around the shelves, running my hands over the books. One hardcover caught my eye. I pulled the book out and another shelf creaked, opening slightly.

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A secret doorway!

I froze for a long moment, staring at the open doorway. A secret room in Adam Enfield's house?

I gently pushed the door a little wider and almost slipped inside when I heard footsteps coming from outside the study.

I quickly pushed the shelf back to its original position, my heart racing. I slipped the hardcover book back to its former position but not before glimpsing a familiar logo embossed on the back cover—a bald eagle.

My thoughts were chaotic at this point. The logo was the same colour and design just like my grandfather's!

Adam stood at the door in shorts only, his brows furrowed. He saw me holding a book and relaxed a little. His eyes strayed to the mystery shelf and quickly back to me.

"Can't sleep? It's three am," he whispered, his voice hoarse.

"I don't sleep much. I got up to pee and was thirsty. I came in here to see your collection of books. So you read?" I winked and teased him.

He chuckled. "If I didn't, Grandpa would kill me."

The image of the bald eagle on the hardcover flashed in my mind. What are the odds of his grandfather and mine using the same colour and design of a bald eagle as a logo?

"Baby, what's on your mind?" Adam whispered, gently tucking a strayed hair away from my eyes.

Involuntarily, I stepped back and watched a suspicious look replace the loving one.

There was more to Adam than anyone would suspect. He mustn't know that I'd discovered the secret door in his study.

I was determined to return and explore the room.

To be continued….

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