Call to Action! Review Hive on SourceForge

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Hey Hive friends!

While this isn't something time sensitive, it's certainly something that can help Hive's visibility and boost interest in our blockchain home.

So even though today's daily prompt for Hive Blog Posting Month is...

Share a funny story for International Moment of Laughter Day

...I'm again stepping a bit out of my comfort zone and doing something I haven't done before (at least that I can recall) by putting out a Call To Action in the style of TCMDan. So instead of funny, I'm hoping to get lots of smiles from the awesome things our community will say about Hive on SourceForge.

Why do we need more reviews? We're currently sitting in the 6th spot for Top Blockchain Platforms of 2022 and 3rd for the Best Decentralized Social Media Networks. It would only take about a dozen or so solid reviews to push us up to the top!

Which leads me to this...


Call To Action - Review Hive on SourceForge


1. Go to the SourceForge for Hive.

2. Look for the "Write a review" link under Hive's name, like so...

Screenshot 2022-04-13 Hive on SourceForge.png


3. Click on "Write a Review" and then write a review. 😊

Here's a screencap of the one I did, and you can check the other Hive reviews there for inspiration. Probalby doesn't need to be said, but I'm saying it anyway - please make sure it's in your own words, and not copy/pasted from someone else. They do (as far as I know) manually check these, and I'm assuming will reject any "junk" reviews. Although I'm getting a bit worried that it's been almost a day & mine hasn't made the cut yet... 😜


Screenshot 2022-04-13 at 22-56-15 Hive Write a Review for Hive at SourceForge net.png


4. Come back here and share proof of your review in my comment section.


By completing this task, you will be eligible for a comment upvote from me (and whoever else might wander by this post and feel so inclined to drop some upvotes), but more importantly, you will be helping boost the visibility of our blockchain home.


Short version of the above


  • Go to the SourceForge page for Hive .

  • Look for the "Write a review" link under Hive's name.

  • Click it, then write a review.

  • Share proof of your review in my comment section below for a possible upvote.



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