Another parcel from the online store

Hello everyone!!! Today is Friday, which means we will talk about our purchases on #MarketFriday by @dswigle! (see details here: @dswigle/cupids-revenge-market-friday).

I did not wait long for this parcel; it was delivered quickly.

In fact, there are two parcels, but for my happiness they were combined into one.

Then I unpacked them, I didn’t know what I would see inside. The reviews were good but a few reviews wrote that the product broke on delivery.


It is always exciting whether the goods arrived safe and sound. Fortunately, all the rhinestones were in place and nothing broke.

I didn't order these hair bands; The seller gave me such a gift. The hairpins are very pretty. I decided to buy new ones because my old barrettes don't hold my hair well anymore, and in summer it's very hot here and I lift my hair up to feel comfortable.



The black barrettes are lighter and the flower barrette is heavier. Therefore, I decided to use it not everyday, unlike black ones.

So I already have new summer earrings and hairpins and I am very satisfied! 😀
(all photos are taken by me)

Take care of yourself and be healthy!!

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