Market Friday : $10 Budget

Hello everyone welcome to #marketfriday by @dswigle.
I am so sorry @dswigle ma'am for my late entry to #marketfriday, unplanned things happens at times.
For this week a question was asked by @dswigle and was suggested by @bluemoon

What can you buy with $10?

I don't really know if I did the conversion from naira to dollar accurately.
But from what I bought I was able to prepare a meal for four with $10, oooh and I got some balance from it which I used to purchase a full cream milk (Dano).

From the money I planned to prepare Nigeria jollof rice with it.
It might not be very nice to your taste though, but it was pretty delicious.
I had some species (salt) and vegetable oil at home so I didn't buy those in the market.
And from the things I bought for the meal, I will still remain some of it.
I just got it because they don't sale things according to your kitchen measurements, they just weigh and sale in their own way.
You just have to estimate and buy what will be or won't be totally enough for your cooking.

The photos below are the things I bought in the market with their price tag.
Some of the food items have extras to make customers come back to buy more from them.





I didn't finish the fish, I bought this quantity because I was going to debone it.


I didn't finish the rice, they sale in cups.
But I prefer buying in paint or half of a paint.


I didn't finish the onions, and this was the least quantity and price sold.


I needed this, so I bought it with the remaining money.
Remember I didn't add my transport fare though.

All photos are mine and are taken with my Android mobile phone.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Do enjoy the rest of your day and remain blessed.

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