What Other Shopping Did My Wife Do?

She didn't do much but I was inspired by a memory, as a child, I watched with pleasure the series Bewitched whose title was translated into Romanian "what other spells did my wife do?"

Well, my wife, even though she has a bigger nose than Samantha, can't do any witchcraft, unfortunately, or perhaps, fortunately!

I managed to keep my wife away from temptation. I mean, I saw a lot of storefronts, but the stores were closed...


Like this shop that sells lamps and also copies of the clay pots of our Dacian ancestors. Lots of very expensive colored glass decorative items. The store closed but even if it wasn't, we wouldn't buy it. Far too expensive, target customers are foreign tourists with higher buying power.

Closed on Sunday

I forgot to mention that it was a Sunday walk which inevitably happened near many shops. Most of them are closed on Sundays, which resulted in a big saving in the family finances. Looking is still free, thankfully!


I'm so glad I discovered this method of shopping avoidance. Walking around on Sundays and only visiting stores from the outside, window shopping. Of course that can be dangerous too, my wife has a good memory of items she likes but I know what to do too. I show her lots of shops, with different temptations and so I make her forget in which shop she saw the item she wanted...




Open on Sunday (Open Streets)

"Closed on Sunday" reminded me of its opposite "Open on Sunday"! Because every action has a reaction, as the shops closed, the streets opened. They opened for pedestrians. Many streets in Bucharest are closed for cars and open exclusively for pedestrians on weekends. An initiative so good that it seems unreal in Romania, yet it happens. Luckily we are part of the European Union, even if we are among the last of the countries (together with our Bulgarian brothers).


Most of our fellow citizens criticize us all the time, they are unhappy that we occupy such a low place in the ranking of EU countries. They forget the huge gap between our former communist countries and the different conditions of development and civilization. A gap that is very hard to catch up, but I see great efforts in trying to catch up with the most developed. Even this concept of "Open Streets" is a step forward, which my granddaughter Ilinca is very happy about! Because streets in my neighborhood on the outskirts of the city were also closed!



All summer long we will have these facilities on weekends. Lots of playgrounds, street theatre, music... all sorts of activities close to home. I'm very happy and I think I'll vote for the current mayor again. As a curiosity, the mayor of the sector of Bucharest where I live, Sector 1, is a lady. A French lady!

Inheritance of Ancestors

I have heard about this everywhere.
In the popular Christian (Orthodox) belief in my country, people consider that the bad deeds done by ancestors are passed on to the descendants, i.e. the descendants will pay for the deeds of the ancestors. At church I hear this dialogue..., Oh dear, did you hear what happened to that child? His great-grandfather must have done something wrong!

On the other hand, science tells us that characteristics of ancestors are passed on to descendants through genes, which is easily observable and more reliable.

You may wonder what got me talking about this. Well, because I can testify to it, children inherit the character and habits not only of their parents but even further back from their grandparents and great-grandparents! My granddaughter Ilinca brought me this certainty!




Ilinca, just like her grandmother (my lovely wife), is the happiest when shopping. I went into a store with her to buy her something and she was very unhappy (i.e. she cried and screamed) and I didn't understand why (because she still doesn't speak well enough for me to understand what she was saying). Luckily, I gave her the shopping cart and she was suddenly happy. She wants to enjoy the feeling that she's buying, that she can do the same as her grandmother!



I'm happy to see the legacy going forward. I'd be even happier if I could stay like this piggy!

I'm thinking of proposing something besides Open Streets...

Open Bottles of Wine!



The mentor, curator, and host of this community, Denise (@dswigle) loves the eclectic. But what does eclectic mean? A rarely used word that perhaps needs to be explained in the simplest way possible. From what I've read too, eclectic means mixed! The choice and combination of different ideas, and facts, sometimes diametrically opposed...

That's what I was inspired by in this post because I had no idea what to write about this time but I had little stories and happenings that in this way I could tie together. A bit eclectic but useful, in the end, I managed to construct a post!


A flower always, #alwaysaflower! Always from my garden. In May and June, the roses are at their most beautiful.



For #MarketFriday by @dswigle


Thank you!
I made this post with passion, effort, and respect for you. I hope the result proves it.
Since English is not my first language, please forgive any grammatical errors.

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