This is another post #marketfriday all thanks to dswigle for always creating a special place for us to participate in market Friday's post.


Fish 🐠 or meat 🍖? Which do you prefer and why? This is a question that I do love hear from you.

This special week I want to discuss something that have been given me concern. Is going to be inform of question maybe one of two persons may have an idea or the answer to my question.


The question is - why are we asked not to eat red meat? While for me I don't have much insight to why we are not supposed to eat much red meat.


I decided to go for fish this lovely Friday instead of red meat.
You know, it all started from when we were growing up, there was no money to buy 🍖 meat, especially if you grow up in a family that is eating from hand to mouth. So,the consolation for us then was "don't worry, when you grow up and make money, you will eat meat the way you want".


So growing up, we have always looked up to the day that we will have money, buy meat and eat as we wish. But I have both good news and bad news. The good news is that we are all grown up now and even have our own kids. The bad news is that, now that we are grown up, we are told not to eat especially red meat, for some reasons not too clear to me.

So my question is, did our parents lie to us? I don't know what the answer will be.
So, because we are asked not to eat red meat, I have decided to go for fish today. And they actually lovely. Though is even more expensive to compare to meat 🍖.

These are dried ones and also fried ones. This is another way of preserving the fish.


From @adaezeinchrist
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