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A community open to all musicians all over the world, to share and enjoy African music.


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To our esteemed Afri-tunes family on Hive, special greetings to you all!

Last week, in an effort to increase community participation, fun, and high-quality content, we asked our fantastic community for feedback, ideas, and suggestions on how to improve Afri-tunes Community.

The feedback we have got has been positive, and this shows that everyone is interested in the development and growth of the Afri-tunes Project.

We want to share the following changes based on suggestions from our supporters and ideas from the community administrators.

Your opinions and responses are much valued.


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In a bid to make our Afri-tunes Event more interesting and engaging, we've decided to add some new ingredients.

The first and second BEST submissions will get prizes, with consideration for the overall quality of the content shared (music + writing). Additionally, we will award the "Best Engager" or "Engagement Race Winner."

The weekly introduction post is where the prize announcement will appear. The following will serve as the reward for the following week (Week 32):


1st - 5 Hive + 5 Leo Tokens
2nd - 2 Hive

Winner of Engagement Race - 3 Hive + 50 Ecency points + 2 Leo Tokens

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Everyone is encouraged to take part in the weekly event as usual by performing in any of the African-specific musical genres listed below, including Afro-beat, Afro-Jazz, Highlife, Makossa, Soukous, Sebene, Fuji, Tungba, Juju, Ogené, Apala, and Palm Wine Groove.

We do, however, want to make it simpler for those who find it challenging to select music each week (as well as others who would be interested in joining).

  • Every week, we'll offer song suggestions (1 gospel and 1 secular).
  • We'll also make an effort to post the songs' instrumentals.
  • Additionally, we will provide a RECOMMENDED reference style for you to utilize, making the task both simple and free of plagiarism.
It will be in this format so that you can easily cite the source.

*Song downloaded from [Naijaloaded](*

*Instrumental extracted via [Moises App](*

The honor of suggesting a song or songs for the upcoming week will go to the contest winner.

You should always remember that you can sing your own songs in place of the suggested ones. Nevertheless, people who find it challenging to select a music will benefit more from the suggested tunes.

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For valid entry

☆ Subscribe to Afri-tunes Community
☆ Post in Afri-tunes Community,
☆ Use the unique tags of the weekly event
☆ Include "AFRITUNES" in your title.
☆ Say your username, Week title and the title of the song you wish to present before you begin.
☆ Let your Word Count be 200+

  • Include your reason or inspiration, and at the very least the chorus of the song's lyrics "so that your audience can sing along."
  • Include all of the lyrics if the music is original.

☆ If the lyrics is yours, ensure to write "lyrics by me", if it was gotten from a hymn book or website, properly indicate.
☆ PROPERLY cite all external materials (images and text) - ENSURE TO PUT THE LINK TO THE SOURCE

Cite this way:

[Lyrics or text Source](then put the web link here)

  • You can also join the Afri-tunes Discord Server and other music servers to promote your song.

  • NB: You must take part in the Week's contest by posting your entry if you want to win the engagement race.

  • Afri-tunes Weekly Event will run from 00:00 on FRIDAYS to 23:59 (11:59pm) on THURSDAYS, using GMT +1 as our time standard (Nigerian Time).


With the goal of curating HIGH-QUALITY AFRICAN MUSIC and TUNES on HIVE, we are happy to announce the creation of the Afri-tunes Curation Trail.

Our Curation Trail will go from the Afri-tunes Community to other Musical Communities on Hive.

Use the tag #afritunes everytime you share your HIGH QUALITY African music in any musical community on Hive (Music, Hive Open Mic, Pukumundo and Q-Inspired).


Please click the link below to join the Afri-tunes Curation Trail so that, with your help, our Curation Trail can become stronger and better able to sustain and support high-quality posts.

Afri-tunes Curation Trail:

Here is a guide if you don't know how to join a Curation Trail | This is also the source of the section on Curation Trail

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We value the excellent community involvement we receive. Because we take on the role of their genuine audience, we make every author feel special, joyful, and inspired to produce their best work.

We have all helped to keep up these amazing interactions and engagement. And we are actually a part of this wonderful family. In light of this, we will start awarding our cherished members with the Community "Member" badge. We'll start by highlighting five of our amazing members who have consistently created fantastic entries and actively interacted with other authors. However, we will add more members over time.

The decision was difficult, but we will start by awarding the member badges to @ovey10 @sholex94 @hopestylist @sapphirekay and @magicfingerz.

The member badge, however, does not elevate any particular member over other members in any way. Regardless of our social standing or geographic location, we are all connected by our love and respect of African music.

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We want to contribute to the Hive Blockchain in a variety of ways, one of which is through informing the Web 2 community about Hive and its beauty (especially on Twitter).

In order to share excellent material with the Twitter audience, we set up a Twitter account. We want to attract more fans of African music and provide them a fantastic platform where they can share their beautiful African tunes.

Do you mean onboarding?

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

Twitter account to follow: afri_tunes

We hope that this channel will attract future great Hivians who will share their musical works on Hive as well.

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You can support the Afri-tunes Project in a number of ways:

  • By actively participating in our weekly event, sharing your content and engaging other author's content.
  • By reblogging, commenting on, upvoting, and cross-posting the community's posts as well as other incredible African-quality Musical content on Hive.
  • By delegating HP to @afri-tunes (Afri-tunes official account) or joining Afri-tunes Curation Trail to help us curate high-quality African music for Hive.
  • By donating Hive, HBD, Ecency points, Leo or other Tribal Tokens for contest sponsorship.
  • By awesome collaborations and other amazing ways.

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Special thanks to OCD, the OCD Music Curators and other amazing Curation Projects who have found the Afri-tunes project worthy of their support


Click on the image above to join Afri-tunes Discord Channel

Afri-tunes Introductory Post

We hope to receive more collaborations, support and sponsorship in order to facilitate the growth of this project.

Let's Spread the love, the calmness, the smiles, the culture, the songs and the dance associated with African tunes.

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If you love this project do well to comment, reblog, upvote, tag one or two friends and support us in any way!!!

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Share your ideas, thoughts, contributions and suggestions below.


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