Bud farm Unboxing Series 3


Rather neat the bud farm NFT collection on WAX has grown like a weed, pun always intended. Though the collections resale can get abysmally low the bud farm NFT collection has advanced to having launched 3 iterations of packs thus far. While not doing great for long term investment most packs sell for under half price after the new burn use case becomes old news. The way they have set the stage with this collection will likely have people constantly kicking themselves for underestimating it.

Look at the promo NFT burn use case, which shot up the Afghani promo NFT value from under $0.10 to over $10. Bong water had a bit of a different release & while more existed it still shot up in value.
See the dip it occurred because pack opening was postponed given that the bong water burn use case goes for another 14 days its likely these shoot back up in value. If not the other 2 NFTs required to make a mystery pack are possibly worth buying, a mystery pack selling for 25-30 dollars USD.
The individual NFT components such as bong Water hold an increased value for a short window of time, the result from a burn use case will only appreciate in value when you can no longer mint them.

This being said the Bong water will likely spike again if you missed selling them the first time they hit over a dollar USD.

As with all things cannabis burning is what it all comes down to, as such its bud farms burn use cases I'm focused on.

I dont want anyone to get stuck with NFTs because of me so I'm trying to point out a possible solution to a worse case scenario.


Because I can lets do 3 unboxings today base pack from bud farm series 2, a new base pack, & last but certainly not least the $30 Mystery pack.
I still open a lot of base packs from series 2 because they possibly have the mystery pack NFTs. Granted I would take a loss if I sold the results from this 1st Unboxing out right.
That being said some of the NFTs from this collection flux in prices, reaching highs & lows in the matter of days.
The cost of the Base pack was 40 WAX just those 3 NFTs out of the 9 NFTs in a base pack sell for 25 WAX. Like splinterlands the name of the game is acceptable loss ratio. In other words you compare possible outcomes based on the NFTs in the collection compare this to the price of each pack and find the likely level of loss v.s the potential returns.

For splinterlands the Dice packs with potions seem to be the best odds, Right now for Bud farm its Gen 2 Base packs at least for the time being.

That's why I even bothered with a series 2 Unboxing for right now the most bang for your buck.

2nd Unboxing Series 3 bud farm base pack
as you can see they have started including old NFTs into the New packs making the odds much more complicated to calculate.

3rd Unboxing Bud Farm Mystery packs
Moment of truth what's in a mystery pack?
This is good news the packs contain Burn use case items (usually obtained through combining NFTs) The Dozy bunny NFT alone is worth a bit of money.
As you can see the 3 NFTs I highlighted out of the mystery pack can make back the current $30 USD price point of the mystery packs. Given that there are 9 possible cards in each even if I had great luck here even the cheapest NFTs from the mystery packs fetch $0.50 USD

New burn use cases will be making the NFT market for Bud farm flux wildly for the next week or 2 but given the amount of mystery packs produced thus far.
57 (max: ?) - 25🔥 Meaning the supply just dropped by almost half more then likely causing a second wave of Bong Water sales.

Just sold my first mystery pack for 200 WAX currently you can buy the two expensive NFTs to produce a Mystery pack for $15 USD for Fir tree and $12 USD for Rainbow
Cost $12
Cost $15

Bong Water will likely shoot up like a rocket soon Its a question of supply & demand now that the demand has increased...
So bong Waters have had 5,600 descovered of which 576🔥 have been burned here's where the time difference comes in these will take longer to re appreciate in value the question is can the market burn enough to raise the price?

It takes 10 Bong Water to one Rainbow NFT and one fir tree NFT so a burn ratio of 10 to one.
Fir Tree has 57 out of 394 Burned
272of394 (max: ?) - 57🔥

Meaning currently the market posses enough NFTs to produce 337 More mystery packs taking a total of over 1/2 the remaining Bong Water NFTs 3,370 Total can currently be burned Meaning there is a remainder of 2,230 Bong Waters.

This is where opening Base packs from Gen 2 comes in with a 5% chance to receive one rare NFT out of 5 possible there is 2 useable Rare NFTs. This is terrible odds but not unprofitable for buying 4 packs that all contain at least just 1 usable NFT you would only lose about $3

So pack opening is an acceptable loss to a degree Others like myself recognize the unique nature of the mystery packs. Since beginning this write up I have sold 800 WAX worth or more of the Bud farm NFTs, I calculated out $120 USD sold already in Bud farm NFTs.


So the market is going crazy, Is an understatement I hope every one that bought bong water profits I'm going to be buying the cheap stuff as I come up with enough NFTs to make another Mystery pack.

What I'm smoking

Didn't have time to hit a dispensary so today I'm smoking Grand daddy purp & president OG I had lying around. Rushed home because I knew this shit would be big Now over $150 sold it was a good choice.

My apologies if I haven't responded to comments lately when I work its from sun up tell dark usually but my boss is cool & I get paid per job so some times I can get enough work done to get to leave early.

So If I dont respond immediately Its not intentional I'm just strapped for time as of late.

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