A fungus among us


Mycorrhizae are fungi that establish a graceful, symbiotic relationship with the roots of most plants. Mycorrhiza has the ability to better mine this wider area for water and nutrients, especially phosphorus, which it transmits back to the roots. Due to the fact that yesterday I was showing the harm that mold and in some cases fungus can do to your plant or cannabis flower (Bud). For todays post I'm going to flip the script, script flip whoot-whoot . All cannabis actually require fungus and other decomposers to survive without them or us to skip this phase of this nutrient cycle (IE) Nutrients.
As this bad ass rotating model shows not everything that we consider roots are actually part of the plant. The white strands are in fact growing out of the plants roots but are fungus not plant roots. Though they are separate organisms they require one another for survival most plants in the world work like this with a symbiosis with the Mycorrhizae being required to functionally survive.


No not that kind of lichen another organism tied to the duality of its nature also called a lichen.
The above image is a form of tree moss common in the woods of north America that is both fungus and plant a lichen this is one of many lichens that exist all over even in Siberia. I dont have much of a reason to mention these but to me the symbiotic nature of most plants makes every plant kind of a lichen.
Also the literal origin of Lichen is Greek, the Greek noun, which literally means "licker", derives from the verb λείχειν leichein, "to lick.
Today I am smoking some of my friends grow (Blue Dream). Dude is an inspiration he literally is missing like around 35% of his brain and grows some of the best weed. He had seizures all of his life he was smoking cannabis to prevent seizures. The local law enforcement put him on probation for a possession of cannabis charge they required him to stop smoking for probation. This lead to a seizure while driving on a highway resulting in a missive crash that nearly killed him and caused severe head trauma. Despite this he is one of the best marijuana growers I know its nothing short of inspirational.


To get back on topic cannabis growth is a delicate balance without the artificial nutrients its is a great many organisms that contribute to a healthy plant including bacteria mold even fungus. Only by understanding what it is your emulating with the nutrients can you better understand the cause effect relationship.

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