First Time Grower, First Time Shower! AK-47 Strain

Several months ago, we popped into our local dispensary to pick up some cannabis seeds (gotta love living in Canada, eh!? 😂)! Neither of us have grown before; luckily for us, these are auto-flowering seeds! For anyone unfamiliar, this means these plants don't require a light schedule to initiate the flowering phase; they are "low-maintenance," if you will!

Since we live in an apartment building, auto-flowering seeds also work out well, in the sense that they can easily be grown indoors!

Here, you will see that we have 3 potted plants set up. They have been growing since approximately July. The first two plants--the tall, bushy ones--have grown at pace with one another. They started out nice and slow, and did not start budding until a couple of weeks ago!

AK-47 is classified as a sativa-dominate strain (65%), with a THC content of 17%. The plants will be tall and wide, with dark yellowish-green buds full of crystals and fine red hairs! These two plants have yet to develop the red hairs...

However, the last plant--the shortest one--took off right out of the gate!! 😱 This was the first one to sprout, and it immediately began to bud after a month or so of being planted! While its buds are definitely more mature, it does not nearly have as many as the other two. I wonder why this happened? All 3 plants have the same routine and diet..

The shortest plant has also experienced many yellowing leaves. We believe this can be attributed to its quick growth: send nutrients to the buds and cut off the extremities! 😅 If anyone has explanations or experience to give, please feel free to do so!

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