Rising Star - Buying The Dip

With the change in rules for the millionaire card here, we have seen again some sharp action in the Starbits market on Hive Engine. I am still on my journey to build a star in the game and have been taking a look at what's happening.

Rising STAR Dip.jpg

We experienced a sharp dip in the market when the news was first announced and then it seem to slightly recover.

However, now there has been some sharp selling action driving the price down hard.


For those who are needing to stack Starbits ahead of getting the Millionaire card, this could be a good opportunity to snap up Starbits at a discount.

At the current bid price, 1m Starbits costs 186,3 Hive (approx. $74) compared to the previously quite stable price of 0,0003 per Hive. 1m Starbits would have cost 300 Hive (approx. $120).

Therefore there is a potential saving of 114 Hive ($45,6). Of course, there are risks attached. Perhaps the price will continue to go down.

The other thing is, for some of the experienced players, possibly the effort is no longer worth it to play the game anymore. At least if new players can get in at a cheaper price, if it doesn't work out, you can always sell out at a better price.

Currently, I have bought 678k of Starbits leaving me with another 322k to get in the next 23 levels. If I manage to get some more Hive, I would look to buy them if the dip continues.

What are your plans with Rising Star now?

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