Rising Star Game:How I Unlocked 4 Band Members And County Tour Zone?

It was looking hard to unlock all four band members, but it not hard as it seems.

I completed 5, 6 band auditions and not even a single band member unlocked.
I got disappointed and quit band auditions and starts other missions.
after 1 day once again I decided to try luck with band auditions and this time I got two consecutive success and 2 band members unlocked.

Next day I completed 5 band auditions and my last band member unlocked. when I unlocked 4 band members my county tour zone also unlocked.

I completed 13 auditions to get county tour zone unlocked.
County tour zone is better than local gig circuit but need 200 level to reach its last mission. It's a long journey to reach at 200 levels.

I can start a county tour mission band rehearsal,but to start band rehearsal I need rehearsal room
rehearsal room is easily available in the market for 10000 starbits my next goal is to buy a rehearsal room and start my band rehearsal missions.

Advice for newbie's

Rising star game is a real fun. stick with it. don't get disappointed if you are getting less starbits reward. just keep doing missions and you can be a mega star of game it's just matter of time.

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