Life Along The Street; few of my favorite street photos

Taking a photo is not about capturing an untouched moment. It's about transforming an ordinary moment into something that has meaning.

I love combining my photos and turning them into black & white versions of photographs in order to aesthetically maintain the same or similar mood. After all, everybody has their own view of beauty!


Anyone that has a camera phone has the power to capture life like never before. For instance, a single glance at an old photograph paints an image that reflects the innermost feelings of people.


abandoned living.jpg

The kind of photography is influenced by various factors including but not limited to whether it depicts urban or natural landscapes. Each human’s style of art can be recognized from their photography even if they are anonymous or somebody important in the art field for example, a photographer for National Geographic is likely to do different kinds of photos than someone simply taking snapshots using their cellphone.



Photography is one of the most powerful mediums for expressing what people want to express. In this context, photographers’ distinct personalities much are visible through their photography.

Before you click on a picture title to view its uploaded content, it is highly recommended that you take a quick glance at who made it first before viewing breadcrumbs about this person or entity we are about to explore. This level of understanding can take people through the visual profile behind each picture and really understand them by connecting them to their individual cultures or interest. In other words, looking for anything special when you look at pictures online is no longer exclusive!


It is said that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. People naturally captivate through photography and this seems magical as well. I think it's because of the emotion it stirs in us and the impression that we leave on someone. It denotes personality, expression, and humanity, and can symbolize an abstract idea about life or demonstrate a story.


I love taking photos of anything and I like to turn them into black & white images. It is for a simple reason that the picture becomes pure, free from color preferences. With black & white, you interpret the meaning of the photo and not the colors..

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