The Butterfly on the Foliage - Entry to "Photochain Challenge" #86

The Butterfly in the Foliage

This is my entry to the "Photochain Challenge" #86.

In 2019, before all this crazy stuff that's going on with the world, I've visited the city of Vienna, capital of Austria.

One of the most magic places there was the Schmetterlinghaus, a beautiful Butterfly House built by the Emperors of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Inside it, hundreds of exotic butterflys were free to fly, while we, humans, were just a visitor to their habitat.

They landed on our hands, on our heads, on our shoulders. Incredible!

This butterfly, with her LONG wings, was calmly on the FOLIAGE, with all her splendour!

Her wings also have this peculiar black-and-brown circle, as if she had dozens of eyes on her back. Thus, for the next Challenge, my subject is EYES.

I hope you enjoyed the photos, and until next time!

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