Photographing lightning and clouds at night…amazing

I love photographing nature, especially storms and amazing cloud images. It’s a hobby that is always interesting, because you never know what Mother Nature will bring you on a given day.

These various photos are in Pattaya Thailand taken from my hotel. The lightning photo below is amazing as far as timing is concerned. I have to wait and be patient and one out of twenty photo attempts can have such timing where the lightning extends from the cloud to the ground with all the appropriate camera settings.

It was a stormy evening and the lightning would light up the sky and illuminate the city. You can clearly see the storm clouds contrast with the city below. I really like this photo.

Contrast the above photo with the early part of the storm clouds forming and rolling in. Nature provides beautiful landscape photography opportunities all the time.


They call the next two photos “rainbow clouds”, which is essentially a colored rainbow forming within the storm cloud, absolutely beautiful colors with the colors contrasting the thundercloud.

The rainbow cloud took time to form. You can see the colors below to the left of the cloud. This is when it was forming. Not knowing what would happen is what is exciting to me as a photographer. The clouds are constantly changing and giving me another angle or composition.

We can call this a rainbow cloud close-up. It looks “smoky” , but it is the top of the rainbow cloud in close-up or zoomed in. This is what I mean about change and being ready to take advantage of all that Mother Nature presents. I love each day how the weather can change.

And then you have the calm ocean waters, beautiful in color in the early evening with a sunset that has occurred already. However it presents a silohette photo with the boat on the horizon.

I hope you can see the passion for photography in my work. It’s taken years to hone my craft and it’s a passion for a lifetime. It takes me places and has brought a sense of excitement to me. I feel very blessed to share these photos with you. Thank you for reading.

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