Three Tune Tuesday - First Post

Hello Hive Music Lovers!,

This is my first post in the Music community. I have seen many great posts for #threetunetuesday created by @ablaze that I thought I would also like to participate.

My first post theme is about the Hive music artists that I am currently listening to the most. I am listening to more than these songs, but they are the tunes currently in my head. So here it goes.

First up they probably don't need any introduction, but the @stickupboys grabbed my attention with some of their funny .gifs and I heard some of their tunes on Rising Star and quite enjoyed them. However, my favorite tune of theirs at the moment is Brand New World :

I really love listening to this tune and when I can also watch the awesome stop-frame animation video, I watch it too. This tune was released over a year ago and it only came to my attention when someone posted on Hive about the song a month or so ago and was saying how great it is.

Well, I totally agree and have it in my favorites! Great work lads!

Next up is the amazing @ravenmus1c who has made it very difficult for me because I'm digging two of her tunes right now. I am liking the old tune Raven feat. Kristin - Dance! (Making Of Video) but I'm finding the recent mix of her first song really catchy too:

My third tune for today is none other than from @tdctunes AND the @stickupboys again! They've only gone and done a COLLAB! I am digging their new tune. I don't know if it's the bubble gum drinking or what, but the guys have really made a great and catchy tune here.

I know it's only supposed to be three tunes, but I hope you don't mind me slipping another tune in that I am finding really catchy and enjoying the vibe to. I'm loving the 3-month-old release Wildflower from @valorbeats :

It's just a great melody that they have created. I actually recommend listening to their whole channel as there are some really mellow tunes to chill out to on there!

That's it from me, have a great musical Tuesday! Until next time.

The linked videos are not owned by me, I am sharing just the link to the copyright holder's video.

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