My Actifit Report Card: January 2 2022

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My Daily Adventures;

Sunday, January 2nd, 2022

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My Morning -> Afternoon

Awake bright and early, and with my morning ritual and routine done by 6, I made myself some coffee, took care of my plantings, indoor botany and garden, and hydroponics, and proceeded to finish up with my crypto-work, finances, generation, and passives.
By 9am I was ready and out the door for an adventure day -regardless of the snow- in Toronto!

And on my way,

I stopped to take a look at the skyline,

In downtown Mississauga;

Getting pretty big!

And on the train downtown,

I snagged a few shots around Alderwood and Mimico;

before hitting downtown and entering Union through the York Food Concourse;

Exploring around, and

Up the escalators,

To the Go Train, Via Rail and Subway Connections floor, leading to bus, streetcar, and rapid transit connections, up to the main York and Front St Concourse Great Hall at Union Station,

Snapping some beautiful shots of the Great Hall,

And trying out the different lens' on this new phone;

The zoom is pretty darn good!

And beginning my walk downtown,

The highrises were amazing!

One of the many reasons I love Toronto!

So many skyscrapers!

And so, I decided to travel the PATH through Commerce Court, Scotia Plaza, and the Bay Adelaide Center;

Through to the CF Eaton Centre via Saks Fifth Avenue;

Eventually reaching the Eaton Centre!

Snagging some shots along my walk,

And enjoying the beauty that the mall had to offer!

Heading out, I got a beautiful panorama of Yonge-Dundas Square;

And took several shots,

Of the highrises,

And skyscrapers surrounding!

Heading down Gerard, I walked my way to Kensington Market!

Down Elm and Bernard through Baldwin Village,

And arriving at Kensington Market!

Walking around for a little, I eventually hit up a dispensary, and then proceeded on way just after noon to see an old friend!

The view around here was beautiful;

My Afternoon -> Evening

And with my afternoon going well, I prepared to head on my journey back!

So on my way I traveled,

Down many parallel streets;

Past the Fashion District and Stanley Park;

Enjoying myself along the way,

For t'was a good day and a good view to end off with,

A nice walk to finish,

And a nice start to the New Year!

Finally at Exhibition,

by King-West and Ontario Place;

I completed a circle all the way around central Toronto!

And ended off with a beautiful view!

What a great day :)

My Evening -> Night

Arriving home around 7pm, I threw together my blogging pictures and prepared for a night watching a funny Canadian show Letterkenny;

Today was a wonderful journey. I love these days where I get to explore. I get to revel in my adventurous side and I truly do enjoy it.

Cheers to yet another good one all, and to tomorrow's, all fellow ActiFitters - the best of days! 🍻


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