I ran today again. It was unlike any run I've previously had.

Although I haven't been too consistent with writing on my Hive blog about my daily exercise, I still try to engage in my morning jogs.

I ran most of last week and on Saturday I beat my previous records. I was astonished as at to how fit I had become even though I got nothing on @steevc or @liftslikealady.

I couldn't exercise yesterday because of certain work duties but despite having a heavy meal last night, I promised myself I wouldn't miss this morning...I did one better.


Woke up by 5:20 and began jogging by 5:30. I took a route that I never thought possible at this stage of my fitness journey and guess what...I conquered it. It took me an hour but I was able to do it and I feel great about that achievement.

I wish I could’ve joined the Facebook page of @alin, I'm sure it would have made me for accountable on my journey to body fitness. I encourage those who want to begin their journey towards physical fitness to go to his page. They are quite meticulous.

Tomorrow I'll attempt speed walking so @jamerussell be ready for me. Hahaha. I find that I've been doing a lot of speed walks lately since @jamerussell mentioned it and it's been quite good.

I invite @killerwot, @khaleesii, @deraaa and @young-boss-karin to join in on this I mean actually start morning exercises. Hahahaha. You’ll love it...eventually.

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