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Wrestling Organization Online

Wrestling Organization Online is a play-to-earn business management game where players can build their wrestling Organization by acquiring wrestlers, upgrading facilities, and competing to earn more of the games own token $WOO.

Game Progress


I have started my WOO journey few week back. I have missed the sale and the pack are out of my reach at present. The Pack holders getting the WOO token airdropped daily.
Their are other ways also to get the WOO token. Lets have look at some option.

Delegating the HP to @wrestorgonline to earn delegation rewards. The official site shows the 24.92% APR. The daily returns are 0.07%.

WOO Staking Rewards
Staking the WOO token attracts the stake rewards. At present the APR is 93.71% and daily its 0.26%

Delegate the HP to @wrestorgonline to earn WOO rewards and stake those WOO token to earn the staking rewards. SO with one activity you can actually earn from two pools.

Their are different liquidity pools, where you can add liquidity to earn WOO rewards.

Till now I have earned 1k WOO rewards from HP delegation and staking.

So lets start a giveaway to share some earning with community.
To participate just leave comment (anything, or you can send tip ALIVE, CTP, PIZZA, LOL etc )
Upvote and reblog is highly apricated.

Winner will be chosen randomly on

The Giveaway will end after post payout. So you have 7 days to participate.

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