Farming And Cashew Plants In Our Community. #Phone Photography Round 08

Cashew is one of the major seed crop grown in my community. I live among the yoruba tribe of Nigeria. The yoruba tribe are also farmers (though they also engage in other business activities). Many of the people engage in agriculture for means of livelihood. They grow crops like cashew, groundnuts, beans, yam, maize, potatoes, cassava and others. The land of these communities are fertile.

In Kwara State, precisely Ilorin and its environs, the rainfall is not very much like in my state of origin which is Akwa Ibom State. In Akwa Ibom State we could start seeing the rain from February and our rain falls there are heavy and could sustain for some months. In Ilorin, rainfall isn't much so farmers struggle through a lot to get their crops out.

The rain usually starts towards May and is so spaced that there could be a rainfall in a whole week. That is, rain could fall once a week. This type of rainfall affects the farming activities.

Cashew is one plant that is grown in Yoruba land as a cash crop. It gives the farmers a lot of income. They sell the seeds for export. The fruits also are majorly consumed for food as fruit. The cashew plants provide a look of benefits to the farmers. Various parts of the cashew plants are captured in my pictures here. I took these pictures using my phone.

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