Great Time & Good Food with Aunt

It was another Saturday!!!

I love love love weekend when I do not need to rush to send son to school, rush for dinner and ensure the boys sleep early. Woke up feeling great, and today I have one project that is to thoroughly clean rooms. But before that, I want to visit my Aunt first, my usual Saturday routine. I was late and she said she was about to call me to ask was everything alright. 😬

Let's eat lunch!

She prepared the table for me while I went to scoop rice. And she cooked 3 types of food again. I always tell her that were a lot of food. She said it was good to celebrate life daily as though it was Chinese New Year. But, I knew, she cooked a lot because of us (me, my husband and my two boys).

1) Shrimp Pork Wantan Soup

This one is special. It is a herbal-based soup because it is good for health. The wantans or wontons are made by herself except the skin from premade wonton skin. She put in two shrimps in each wonton, together with minced pork. Super delicious. Of course, some greens in the soup too.

2) Stir Fry Chicken with Mixed Vegetables

This is Chinese style stir fry with basic seasoning of salt, pepper, oyster sauce and soy sauce. She used ginger and garlic sesame oil for this dish. She added in vegetables such as baby corn, capsicum and mushrooms. It was very flavourful.

3) Slices of Pork with Preserved Vegetables

This is her Hakka signature dish, a dish close to my heart because my mother is a Hakka and she cooked this too. Basically it is stir fry pork slices with garlic and onions, preserved vegetables are added in then bring to a slow stew till the saltiness and slight sourishness incorporates into the meat. Very appetizing. I can eat this with a lot of rice.

After I finished my lunch, she asked me to sit down while she did her packing. We chitchatted non-stop from the start of eating till when she did her packing. It was because I came late and she also didn't prefer me to go back late in case the rest are hungry. So she talked while doing her stuff at kitchen.

Then, she started packing and still talking. Haha. Telling me her story of the time when she was still young and fit to work three jobs. I always am amazed at her tenacity and perseverance. Such a strong lady. I learn a lot from her.

I went to the table to do a 'spot check' on her. I noticed many times she packed for us but left so little for herself. I reminded her to keep more food for herself. So, investigation in process. I asked her whether these were enough for her dinner. She said yes. Although to me, these still looked little but she said she is old and can't eat alot already. Looking better than previous few rounds when she really left veryyyyy little for herself. I am thankful she always think of us more than herself. She wants to feed us till super fat haha.

I grew to love this place. Simple small apartment but cozy. It brought back so much memory too because back when I was in college, I stayed at the same apartment like this, shared with my friends, but mine was at another block. I love to look at this big tree right in front of my Aunt's unit. Such huge love-shaped tree.

Time to go home because she rushed me back. Saying don't talk too much, then she laughed by herself and at herself saying, "Eh, actually, I was the one talking non-stop."

All images are mine unless stated otherwise, photos are taken using my phone Hua Wei P20.

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