BDC Contest - Best books that made my childhood great

I would like to thank @sayee for tagging me to write an article on this topic for the BDC contest. Also a big shout out to @bdcommunity for organizing such beautiful contests making it easier for people to write different flavors of content on different topics. As @sayee rightly mentioned, the actual learning happens only outside the academic books. I strongly believe that and I also live as an example. Thanks for that nice thought. Below is the link to the main contest article.


I don't really know what to mention here because there were so many beautiful books that made my childhood great. That's one of the reasons why I didn't want to choose one specific book and selected a generic topic so that I can write about different books that create so much memory for me.

Tinkle and Panchatantra tales

Let me first start with some comic books that I really loved. Even today I get attracted to such books and if I have to purchase books for some kids now, I prefer purchasing these kinds of books that has both pictures as well as stories. Tinkle was the most popular comic book back then. Supandi tale was the most favorite one for me in that. I also enjoyed reading Cha Cha choudri. I come from a financially backward family and we weren't able to afford new books back then. Even for academic books, I used to study with the books given by my cousins and other seniors. Buying a new comic book and all was a huge dream back then.



But I did manage to get them. In old book stores, these books will be available for a very cheap price. My father used to buy such books and they would be at an affordable price. In addition to that, I used to be regular in my library visits and most of the time, I get a chance to read these things from my school library. My friends used to chit chat and waste the library period but I make sure I make good use of this.

There were also books like reader's digest and National Geographic and they also attracted me. I used to glance through those books just for the high-quality images they had. Similar to Tinke and Panchatantra stories, there were also a few more comic books available and I used to read them from the library. That's when I found out that I had a natural attraction to books.

How many books have I read in total?

This is the easiest question someone can ask me and my answer would be less than 10. Yeah, you can get surprised to hear this because I found out that reading a full book was never happening for me and I still have that as a task in my life. (To improve my patience in sitting and reading). I have a huge collection of books at my house but unfortunately, I have not read them much. They are sleeping in the rack. I also lost many books by lending the books to friends. In total, I would have read less than 10 books. By reading I mean not just reading a few pages but completing the book. Reading has always been my favorite but completing a book is the tricky part.

I read a lot but most of it will be small books or the ones that don't drain my time or attention. I did not have the discipline to sit and complete a book. Till today I have had that issue. My mind is like a monkey and it naturally keeps jumping from one branch to another. Even if I sit and read something and let's say what I'm reading is very interesting, even then I will have that huge urge to keep the book aside and do something else. That's how bad it has been so far for me. I just stay up to date by reading lots of small content and that's what generated wisdom for me.

You Can Win by Shiv Khera

I should definitely talk about this book because this is the only book that I completed reading religiously more than one time. I did this during my school days as well as college days. I remember having this book in my bag all the time and whenever I get upset or felt low, I will start reading this book and this has been a very good turning point for me. The below quote was the best quote from that book and that changed the life of many readers.



This book gave me a strong boost by saying that I don't have to do things in a way that is comfortable for others. I can have my own ways of doing things and that can definitely make me successful. I took that as a mantra and started leading my life that way. If the whole world is doing something in a particular way, I don't straight away agree with that and it will take some time for me to accept that and I mostly find innovative ways for doing something on my own. I'm glad I got that motivation and skill from this book.

Thanks, @bdcommunity for this wonderful concept, and thanks @sayee for tagging me. It was wonderful to dig all my childhood memories to write this article. I would like to invite @inuke and @bhattg to write an article on their favorite book and participate in this contest.

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