Beer, BBQ & Buddies!

Ah the weekend!

First order of business...

A delicious Licher 1853 Kellerbier, which in English translates to cellar beer a style that originated in Franconia, Bavaria and goes way back to the early beginnings of lagering in the latter half of the Middle Ages.

Since there obviously wasn't any refrigeration technology at the time, brewer’s would brew their beer during the cooler months of the year and then store them in caves, which acted as natural cellars. This allowed the beer to undergo a slow maturation process in a stable, cool temperature.

bottle caps off!

Let's see what she looks like


Oooohhhh look at that! quite cloudy! beautiful head too

Let's have a whiff!

mmmm delicious!

A little bready or toasty

Let's have a taste!

Whoooo hoho! very nice and smooth with low carbonation and slight malty aftertaste.


Opens up the appetite too! Let's fire up the grill
First things first!

Mama said eat them fruits and veggies, so that's what we'll do

Let's get some tomatoes, onions, eggplant and throw in some pineapple for desert.

The tomatoes are being roasted so we can turn them into chirmol, a delicious tomato-based sauce made from roasted tomato, onion, cilantro, salt and a touch of freshly squeezed lime.

Here is Anita mashing the tomato into its new form


She knows what she's doing


Let's leave her to it and see what Pete is doing in the kitchen.

Ohhhh ho hoooo!!!! look at that!

scallops and shrimp!


This calls for another #beer

Let's see what we have.

Well hello there, this one is a beauty! look at the color of honey!

let's have a taste!

mmmm malty aroma and a bit richer taste than the first one.


Let's take them outside!

I'll set my Dead Guy Ale here, while Pete works on the scallops.


This, my friends, is Pete.
He's an amazing chef who makes his own hams, sausages, has his own restaurant called 14 Grados Norte and Mescal bar too.

You can see it from my home.


Let me zoom it

there... you see it? The blue one with the patio umbrellas on the terrace.

That's his joint.


My friend Pete is half Chinese from his father's side.

His wife, Ana got him this cool outdoor wok burner for his birthday.

Look at him work that baby:


Eating is about experimentation, right?

Had some leftover pulled pork, so why not slap some on top of the scallops?

mmm.... superb!


This has turned out to be such an amazing afternoon!

Perfect for talking about BEER!

Let's see if there's any more beer left.... ah haha! look at that:

Some Köstritzer Schwarzbier! how convenient!

This comes from the Köstritzer Schwarzbierbrauerei in Thüringen, Germany

And it's a thing of beauty! look at that dark color!

Delicious, toasty with notes of caramel.

Puts me in the mood for some steak!

Let's throw some on that grill:



Haha! what an amazing experience my friends. I think I'll stop typing now and get to eating.

Enjoy your weekend, enjoy your friends and family and enjoy this like 'cause it's the only one we've got.


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