Graffiti Lettering Contest #1 (START) - 100% Liquid Payout for Prize Pool

Hello HIVE
Hope you all doing all right
Welcome to the my first official contest
The Graffiti Lettering Contest


Shout out to @failingforwards for providing us this nice header for the meantime! Really appreciated! Thanks a lot!

Originally I had put the following header with the short description for anyone who wanted to contribuite to the Contest making the header! I edited the post now to use the header made by @failingforwards but I leave this image and the description just in case for anyone who wants to try to make a new header for the Contest - The idea is to make a Graffiti Lettering of the contest name "Graffiti Lettering Contest" but if you want to do something different feel free to do so! Thanks for supporting us 😎


"This image will be changed at a later date with a better cover image for the contest, I quickly did this in Photoshop to have an image for now! Soon we'll have an official Graffiti Lettering Contest logo :) I'm thinking to do the logo at some point like a nice Graffiti and maybe digitalize it, but if anyone feeling fancy doing the logo, please feel free to do so :) It doesn't have to be my work! It would make me really happy to have the participants trying to do the logo! So get creative people 😎"

I will post here a list of people who I think could appreciate the contest, people who helped and supported me in the idea and friends. I will also add any future participants and winners.
I will do this also as a reminder, I personally appreciate it when I get tagged in contests that I usually participate in, but if anyone prefers not to get tagged please let me know and I will remove your name from the list.
Let me know also if you want to get added to this list! Cheers

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Contest Overview

As you can probably guess from the title the contest is about Graffiti and Lettering, my idea is to give a random "word" every week and the participants will have to make a nice Graffiti Lettering of the word on paper (or in any way they want really, it can be drawn, painted, sprayed on a wall, you can do what you want! If you feeling fancy you can do a proper graffiti on a wall and it will surely gets extra votes 😎 at least from me 😋 ), make a quick post about it and comment their entry under the Contest Post!

I am planning to do this at least 2 times a month in this way:

  • I will post the Contest Post with the random word and participants will have time until payout (7 days) to submit their entries.
  • Once the Contest Post gets paid I will then do a Voting Post where participants and users can vote for their preferred entries, (3 votes per person - anyone can vote, not only participants!)
    Similarly to the Contest Post the Voting Post will be up and running until Payout (7 days)
  • Then I will post the next Contest Entry but at the beginning of the post I will announce the winners of the previous entry and send out payments (with screenshot proof)! Then I will dive in the next word and contest!

Hope it all makes sense!

The word for today is...

To inaugurate the contest what better word than START? Get creative and post your entry! Good luck to everyone

Here's my work (so you have a general idea about the contest 😁)


Made this quickly in 10-15 min


And in another 10-15 min I quickly did the outlines with a marker and the 3d lines with a thinner marker.

It's nothing special but I just wanted to do a quick lettering to show you how the contest works 😁 Obviously you can finish your art (I didn't add any effect, coloration or background, but you can in you entry! 🤩 Get creative people! 🤩

I will not be actively participating to this contest, I will try to always post my work either in the post itself or under it in a comment but I will never consider my work as an official entry in this contest! 😁

Contest Rules

  • Contest open to everyone

  • Your work can be done in any way you prefer, draw it on paper, draw it digitally, draw it on your table, paint it, spay it, do a real graffiti on a wall, totally up to you! I did this contest with the idea of a quick lettering on paper in my mind but how you do it is totally up to you!
    (The more effort you put into it probably the more votes you will get! At least from me! I will always vote what I think is the work that took the most effort and time!)

  • Upvote & Reblog the post OR Upvote and mention the contest post link in your entry post

  • Must be your original work (or someone's close to you, yes if you suck at drawing but have a friend or relative who wants to help you feel free to use them LOL In case you do make sure to reference them, don't use their work as yours 😂)

  • One entry per person

  • Post your entry post and the picture of your art under the Contest Post to officialise your entry! (I say to post the picture of the art in the comment as well to facilitate the voting process

  • Entry expires with the post so you have 7 days to post your entry.


  • 100% of the liquid payout of the post will be used for the prizes so make sure to upvote the post!
    Everyone's support is welcome 😁 If anyone wants to sponsor the contest it would be greatly appreciated by all the participants! 😎

  • 1st place 50%, 2nd place 30% and 3rd place 20%

  • Three honourable mentions will be each given 0.5 HIVE from me 😎

Shout out to @wesphilbin for supporting the Contest and sending 5 HIVE as a little sponsor! It's hugely appreciated! Thanks to this initial boost for this #1 contest run the three honourable mentions will each receive 1 Hive instead of 0.5! Thank you my friend! ❤️


Thanks for the Sponsor! ❤️

And last but not least a Huge Thank You to @heroldius and @digi-me and their #StreetArt community, they kindly gave me the Go to post this contest in their community! A huge thank you again! (Can't wait to see some of your entries 😜) I'm sure this will boost the Contest and help it get some extra visibility! Big UP #StreetArt community! 😎

Good Luck to everyone!
Thanks for checking out!


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