STREET ART #123 – Street art in the corridors of the University of Agder (Norway)


The University of Kristiansand (Southern Norway) was formally known as Agder University College until 2007 when its status was changed to a university - UiA (University of Agder). It has a variety of studies and covers a large area with several buildings. It's not far from where I live so I often pass by. I also really like both the canteen and the bookstore. The separate buildings for the various studies are named alphabetically. The K-building is built for art. Bothe the art students and the students of music are located here.

As soon as we enter the building we saw the first paintings. The artist of this beautiful portrait is Enerkonings. Local artist who has done several paintings in Kristiansand.

The artist behind this guy with his phone is Vklart. He is a well known and very active artist, who has spread his messages when it comes to politics and social issues all over our city. I have already done many posts with murals done by him.

A beautiful woman who is holding a heart of roses. Painted by Sedin Zunic, another very talented and productive artist from Kristiansand. He is very often involved in art project, exhibitions etc.

Around the corner in another corridor there we found these, also done by Vklart. We noticed small signs on the doors telling who was practicing behind the close doors - drummers, guitars, flute etc. The corridor of the music students. Perfectly fitting art for the inside of the K-building I think.

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Kristiansand, Norway

All the photoes are mine, Ulla Jensen (flickr, Instagram and facebook)

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