STREET ART #122 – Street art in the city of Aalborg (Denmark)


I have already been in Aalborg twice this year, so I have had the opportunity to come across some of the lastest street art. I always take a look in the park Karolinelund. This park seems to be a street artists paradise. There is hardly an empty wall, so it must be a popular place. The paintings change often, so I am quite sure that I have missed some Maybe because of lack of space.

This is a huge mural that covers almost the entire end wall of the building. Notice how the artist has utilized parts of the building. The bird, which I belive is a stork, is a nice detail I didn't notice right away.

These are found in Karolinelund. The park is undergoing renovation, so some parts are closed to the public. But I did manage to get some part and found these within the park. I don't know who the artists are.

The wall surrounding the park is covered all the way along the road. The fox is painted by "Hef" who's real name is Jonny Hefty. Besides painting foxes, he is also a rapper. I have seen several foxes painted by him in different places in Aalborg. I do wonder if he paints anything else too! Next time I will be in town, I am sure there will new art in Karolinelund.

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Kristiansand, Norway

All the photoes are mine, Ulla Jensen (flickr, Instagram and facebook)

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