STREET ART #100 - Life beneath the surface of the Sound (Øresund / Helsingør, Denmark)


I have already shared some of Helsingør's amazing street art, but I still have a lot more, so here I go again. This is a house we passed on one of our walks. The color of the wall and all the fish, indicates the theme being marine life. In the city of Helsingør this huge mural is painted on the walls of a house close to the bus terminal. This is a city that's located by the sea. Fishing and shipping has played a major role to the people living here, so in a way this mural is appropriate for a city where many have relied on the sea as a source of income.

On the front wall there are different species of fish, seals etc. Just like the ones living in the Sound. But there is also a peson, that does look a bit mysterious. It might be a mermaid. Her skin looks like the skin on a fish. Her hair seems to be part octopus and she has seagulls in her hair.

When we were busy studying the the details, a man came by. He told us that all the fish represented on the walls, are to be found in the Sound. He also told us that the house is going go be demolished sometime in the near future.

When we turned around the corner of the house, the blue wall with fish continued. There is only a narrow pedistrian street between this house and the neighboring house. That made it difficult to take some good pictures. We couldn't step back to get the good view of the whole wall.

The artist behind the mural is Ericailcane, an Italian street artist, who worked on this in collaboration with Bastardilla, a Colombian artist. The artists did a great job the way they have managed to show the different species of fish who lives around here. Acording to the man who stoped to talk to us, the artists worked together with the Aguarium, so I guess they learned about the different types of fish from here.

An impressive wall indeed. In addition, we felt lucky to see it before it will disappear.

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All the photoes are mine, Ulla Jensen (flickr, Instagram and facebook)

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